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5 Foods You Can Try with Cheese

Ooh! The sound of hot cheese melting is one of the best sounds in the world. Cheese is the one food that is so fun to eat. When you eat a cheesy dish and see melting cheese oozing out, it is a sight for sore eyes. Cheese makes every dish it touches 100 times better, but mostly we limit eating cheese with pasta, pizzas, or sandwiches. There are so many unique ways to try cheese. Even in its raw form, it is one of the best foods. The variations of cheese available are beyond your imagination. Look at for finding the next best cheese for you to try.

Here are a few unique foods with cheese, that is not pizza or pasta for you to try. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Strawberry and cheese

Yes! This delicious fruit can taste delightful with cheese. Strawberry is quite enjoyable when you pair it with dairy items, and it does the same with cheese. That’s the reason why everyone loves strawberry cream cheese so much.

For instance, strawberry with bell pepper and cheese is an amazing dish. With the rich sweetness of strawberry and tanginess of bell peppers and roasted cheese, the flavor you get is delicious. A fun recipe to make and eat, it is something that makes for a unique dessert at dinner parties. Here are a few more recipes with cheese and strawberry to satisfy your taste palette.

2. Cheese Boards

Brunch parties or a movie night with friends becomes exceptionally better with cheese boards or platters. Cheese in its raw form is so adventurous to try, and when you add little dips and fruits or meats in the board as well, it looks like a million-dollar appetizer.

The most fun about cheese boards is that you can add tons of cheese and ensure that everyone is happy. It can have non-dairy cheese, the healthiest cheese options you can find. Or you can include the most indulgent cheese like goat cheese to satisfy the taste of everyone. A fun, delicious, and appealing appetizer for every party, and you can put it together in a few seconds. Here are the steps of assembling the best cheese boards:

  • Find cheese boards, which are rectangular or circular. You do not need to buy one if you do not have one. Your baking tray will work fine as well.
  • Add cheese to the board. Make sure to include different varieties of cheese.
  • Add cured meats or skip this if you are making vegan cheese boards
  • Add savory items like pickles or almonds or roasted peppers and more
  • Add sweet items like chocolate dried fruits or honey or more
  • Try to include a variety of pieces of bread and then garnish it with fresh herbs

3. Tacos and cheese

For your next taco nights, try this cheesy taco recipe. Tortillas with cheese is a fun dish, and you can put this together on a stovetop or bake it within a few minutes. The richness of cheddar cheese combined with spicy taco fillings makes for an amazing Mexican dinner at home.

4. Cheese and bread

Bread and cheese are a combination that you all need to try once. A bread that has cheese in it sounds delicious. It is a simple recipe, and that too keto, so all those weight-watchers out there can enjoy this amazing cheese recipe. For this keto jalapeno recipe, you only need three things-eggs, jalapeno, and cheese. You can use cheese of your preference and add other ingredients to make it a bread dish of your liking.

5. Sirnica

Savory cheese pie, do you need more introduction to this dish? This Bosnian pie has a phyllo dough and has a rich filling of sour cream, cow cheese, and eggs. For this cheese recipe, you need thin dough sheets- jufka, and tons of cheese. You can enjoy this pie on its own or try yogurt as well.

Cheese is a versatile dish. Any dish with cheese on it, like even a salad, automatically transforms it into one of the most delicious dishes ever. With the myriads of cheese available, it’s time to try different recipes, like we discussed above, and enjoy this oozing delicacy.