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10 Best Email Finding Tools to Check Out in 2020

Do you want to contact a person or company and you don’t have the email address you need? Surely, you have already flipped through the pages on social networks, carefully scrutinized the “Information” section, but all in vain. Do not despair! Here are 10 services that can find information about the accounts of anyone, from a special agent to a person of national importance. Our review will help you choose the best email finder. A perfect one in terms of quality, speed and price offer. But first, let’s define email search as such. Let’s outline its benefits for digital marketing and business in general, and discuss the cases when you cannot do without reliable software.

Search email: definition

Finding email addresses is special software that collects data from public resources. With this tool, you can find both personal and corporate mailers. Individual web applications, Google Chrome extensions are popular tools for easy data search. They are used individually or in combination.

Pros of an email search engine

The benefits of a tool for finding email addresses are undeniable:

  • Easy to use. Applying a special service for search purposes, you feel the comfort of this work to the fullest. After all, all that is required of you is to enter the name of the person you are looking for, and the platform will give you the required email address..
  • Automation and precision. No more manual searches. The software package will do all the routine work. This method is highly accurate, because the data obtained is actual and reliable information, and not what you received by using your intuition and fortune telling on the coffee grounds.
  • The perfect solution. Special software bloodhound brings a lot of benefits not only for your digital marketing companies, but also for the whole business. After all, you can use the potential of the best email finder tool for different purposes.

What purposes is the email search engine used for? More on this later.

When is it necessary to search by email?

We have identified 3 main areas where an efficient and high-quality search for electronic credentials is most welcome:

  1. Personnel. For example, your company urgently needs a highly specialized manager, or you want to create an effective brand promotion team as soon as possible. The search service will help you quickly find the necessary mailers to invite candidates and discuss the details of cooperation.
  2. Business. The power of good mailing address search software can be experienced when you need data about a potential investor, business partner or authority figure. A reliable platform will provide all the necessary information regarding emails.
  3. Marketing direction. Finding leads to expand your subscriber base is another challenge that the best email address finder does great. In addition, the search engine will find the addresses of the target audience who will be interested in your offer or product.

Well, are you ready to get acquainted with the coolest programs, masters in the field of prompt and accurate search for email addresses? Let’s go then!

10 best email search platforms

Our rating includes cloud services, as they are in many ways superior to local ones:

  1. Proofy. Deservedly takes the first position in our TOP, as one of the best email finder online. In addition to search functions, the service performs deep verification of the received data. Thus, you receive relevant and reliable information in real time. Bulk validation or API tool options make working with the platform convenient and enjoyable. The validation accuracy reaches 98.5%. The company provides all new users with 500 free checks for verification. Paid validation costs from $0.006 per check.
  2. Snov. A wide range of search functions, Chrome extension, the ability to find the full profile of the client you are looking for, API, data export, high-quality technical support. Price per 1,000 credits starts from $39.
  3. Hiretual. Powerful extension for Chrome, search by name and site address of the company, group search by domain names, API. The cost of 1,000 requests per month will cost $49.
  4. Find That Lead. Search within audience segmentation, as well as by domain and company name, “rustling” on popular social networks, Chrome extension. Price for 5,000 requests is 49 bucks per month.
  5. Skrapp. There is not only search, but also data validation and e-mail list cleaning, search by name, domain, company name, website, Smart Chrome extension, convenient export, API. Cost of 1,000 addresses is 34 dollars.
  6. Uplead. High-quality lead generation, 50 criteria options for effective filtering, real-time data validation, replenishment of the database with new potential customers. Price – from $99.
  7. Quick search for personal or corporate data by name and domain, display of sources of information collection, a combination of search and verification functions. Price starts from $29.
  8. Clearbit. Optimal integration with Gmail, there is a Chrome extension, as well as a web application, the ability to search for a single email address or bulk. Cost is from $199.
  9. Sellhack. Great solution for sales companies that need to replenish their customer base, 12 steps for checking account data, work in real time. Price – from $19 per month.
  10. Datanyze Insider. Smart option that allows you to highlight the data of the desired contact in all resources, determine the range of addresses and highlight the most likely option. There is a free plan.

If you conduct an email finder comparison, obviously the best option is the one that combines 2 functions at once: search and check. In the first case, you receive the information of interest, and in the second, confirmation that this data is reliable, the addresses are active and valid.


It doesn’t matter what your task is, emailing a resume to a potential employer, searching for new clients, investors or business partners – the email search service will help you achieve what you want. Which one to choose is up to you. It all depends on the tasks you face. If you are looking for a versatile platform that suits both beginners and professionals, we recommend the best free email finder Proofy. This is an ideal solution both in terms of functionality and in terms of accuracy and quality of search, providing reliable information. And of course, for the price, this service is a very tempting offer! We wish you to find exactly what you are looking for!