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Industrial Style interior Design Ideas

The early man used to live in caves, that are naturally occurring enclosed spaces carved in big rocks and mountains. As our ancestors evolved, they started living in houses made of bricks and wood. With time and after about hundreds of years, people built concrete spaces to live in, and finally gave up the nomadic style of living as our ancestors used to follow.

These days, houses are a permanent space for people to live in. Not only do people spend a lot of time in building a house or buying a house of their dreams, they also put a lot of time and thought into the look and ambience of the place that they live in. 

Interior designers in Bangalore and other cities specialize in making one’s house become a home for them to live in. One’s home is  a personal reflection of themselves, a place where people spend most of their free time. Interior designing is supposed to make the living space more comfortable to live in, and also allows the people to feel peaceful and calm. 


People say that everything that one does, every single choice and decision they make is supposed to be a reflection of themselves. From preferences in clothing, eating, favourite colours, even basic habits and lifestyle, everything is a reflection of a person’s subconscious self. 

Our choices and how we present ourselves in the world is like our identity. This is what tells the world about us, and defines our personality and traits. The kind of space that a person lives in, basic decor and even the ambience of their house needs to be compatible with one’s personality and traits. This not only helps one to be more comfortable and feel at home in their house, it also allows other people to understand one better, and identify and respect their preferences. 

Apart from this, decorating and putting in effort to customize one’s living place according to one’s preferences also allows one to spend a good time and completely relax in one’s place, after a long day of work. It allows one to be more productive in daily life, improves mental health and helps one release stress. 


Interior design is a field in which designers cater to the needs of their clients, their preferences and personalities, and customize their personal space, like home and even offices to their needs, making it more personal and comfortable. 

These days, professional interior designers in Bangalore and other cities use various themes like industrial style to decorate one’s personal space. Just like other art forms, interior designing also takes inspiration from other ideas and eras from real life. 

Industrial design takes inspiration from the 19th and 20th century industrial era, and uses various items and colour themes to make one’s space look modern as well as make it comfortable. 

Some tips for industrial style interior design are: 

  1. A number of designers mix rustic and modern art and combine various elements from both the styles to decorate one’s space. 
  2. The colour palettes used in industrial style interior design are mostly neutral, like gray, black, white and browns. These colours are combined with other brighter colours like shades of yellow and reds to bring out a mixed look in one’s space. 
  3. Many times designers choose to leave ducts and pipes exposed in the interior to bring out an industrial look in the space. They are finished and kept in a clean state, but exposing them adds to the industrial theme. 
  4. A lot of designers suggest to use loft type windows rather than normal style windows for bringing out an industrial theme. 
  5. Since the industrial colour theme uses a lot of basic neutral colours, one may choose to add some fun colours in their personal space by using some indoor plants, bright coloured lamps, coloured furnitures, stools and even bright paintings on the wall. 
  6. One important thing to keep in mind while going for industrial style interior design is to keep the edges and corners clean for most of the furniture and added elements in the space. One should avoid round, abstract or irregular outlines and edges, and go for straight lines, sharp corners and simple curves. 
  7. Textures also play an important role in this type of interior design. One may choose to keep the bricks on selected walls exposed, but painted in a neutral colour like gray or deep green. 
  8. One may also choose to use furniture in distressed wood without finishing. This adds to the industrial theme.