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10 Ways We Can Improve Schools Today For A Better Future Tomorrow

School is the place where a nation builds its future. The youth of the country goes there and lays the foundation of their education and future. 

School is called the second home of a child as he spends 12-14 years learning everything from the basic manners and the alphabet to the most advanced formulas and equations. As times have changed, schools also require a few modifications to help us get a better future.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which struck the world at the beginning of 2020, has completely changed the method of imparting education. The online education model that the world has adopted is the need for the hour and the need for the best school management software. 

It does not mean that schools’ importance has changed because we will have to go back to school sooner or later. Even though students are starting to prefer this education model as it is easier for them, they miss their schools. 

Going into the future, it would be a hybrid form of education, which is a mix of online and offline education. It would mean the schools would have to make some changes to their systems. Here are ten ways through which schools can improve today for a better future tomorrow-:

  1. Introduction of smart class- smart boards have been in the field for a long time. Still, as education is moved online, we need to replace the blackboards as, when students come back to school, students will be used to modules and presentations, and it will be easier for them to cope with their lessons.
  2. Inducing Project-based learning- students are taught via textbooks, and the knowledge that they get through them is not of any use unless they use it in the practical world. Schools should have students do projects based on their topics to know their applicability in the real world.
  3. Teaching them life skills- the subjects taught in schools are fundamental, but skills necessary in the real-life world should also be introduced to everyone. Skills like growing trees and vegetables, cooking, doing taxes, recycling, etc., teaching students these skills will make them more intelligent and self-dependent.
  4. Nurturing their skills- in our society, subjects like science and mathematics are considered more important than others. Students who want to pursue their talents like singing, dancing, writing, etc., are looked down upon, which demotivates them. We need to change this perspective and encourage kids to pursue their talents and build a career.
  5. Changes in Infrastructure- this is something which cannot be done cheaply. If a school decides even to change a minor feature, for example, installing ACs or getting new computers, they will have to keep in mind all the students before doing that and not a small group.
    Many schools were built decades ago and do not have modern amenities but need them to cope with the continuous changes in technology and education methods. It will help students get acquainted with the technology prevailing in the current times and prepare them for the future.
  6. Introducing counseling sessions- students do not tend to speak to parents about specific issues, and it keeps them disturbed from within and affects their performance in all areas. Students refrain from going to the counselor at school as their peers would make fun of them.
    By making counseling something familiar and normal, it would encourage the students to speak freely and share their sentiments. It paves the way for a better tomorrow as they know the importance of communication, and they would also encourage others to address their problems.
  7. Teaching them about all religions- we should educate kids about all religions so that in the future, they will not discriminate against anyone based on religion, caste, creed, race, or sex. It will be a step towards ensuring nationwide brotherhood and a peaceful world.
  8. Ensuring Co-Curricular Participation- schools must encourage students to indulge in co-curricular activities with their studies. It will keep them active and also ensure fitness among the youth of the nation. If a student is only into bookish knowledge, then he/she will lag in certain areas and not prosper in overall development.
  9. Respecting students’ choice- schools generally force students to do things and not always are comfortable doing them. The respective authorities should consult students while making a decision that affects them. Students will feel more valued and know that every person’s opinion matters and will not condescend upon others in the future.
  10. Changing their curriculums- schools in India have minimal subject options, and because of that, students cannot explore their options. Schools need to introduce more subjects in their curriculums to pursue what they want to learn and enjoy studying and not what they are forced to due to lack of options. It will increase their creativity and keep their morale high.

In these times, where online education is the more prevalent method, schools require the best school management software. It is difficult for schools to choose from so many excellent options like the Edisapp by Eloit and many more. 

They need to select the best so that teachers and students have no difficulty learning how to operate these and function smoothly. Everyone and everything has to change and evolve for the better tomorrow, and we should change as fast as possible otherwise, we will be left behind. 

Schools need to change faster than anything as students pass out of them every year and enter the modern world.