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Dabbing: A Guide On How to Use a Dab Rig

People who have been consistent smokers for several years often realize that their tolerance can make smoking cannabis less joyful than it once was. Luckily, the field of cannabis and cannabis products has grown exponentially over the last decade. This growth is due mainly to the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-related products. A dab rig is one of the best products to combat your growing tolerance.

Retailers like MJ Arsenal produce a wide variety of the best small dab rigs that will have you feeling like a first-time smoker all over again. If you haven’t dabbled in the land of cannabis concentrates, this can seem overwhelming. Don’t fret; this article will show you everything you know to get started in the world of dabbing.

What is dabbing? 

To start, it’s important to know how concentrate and flower differ. This difference creates a different, stronger sensation with the dab rig. Simply put, concentrate is far more potent. If you are just beginning to smoke, this isn’t for you. Why? Because it is an extracted version of THC, which means you can get a much stronger high with a much shorter amount of use. While there are different consistencies, different colors and textures, and different highs that concentrates produce, the main difference is the strength. 

Some of the different types of concentrates are oil, butter, live resin, shatter, and wax. When you first start out dabbing, it can be enjoyable to try the different options available before deciding which one is best for you.

Best things about dabbing

While dabbing isn’t for everyone all the time, it can be a phenomenal experience for those needing a new experience. On average, concentrates are four times stronger than flower. Yet, for most people, the reason dabs surpass normal smoking is that you have different tastes that you can add into your session. 

Edibles are similar in this manner as you can always choose something new. Lastly, dabs are smokeless and therefore produce little to no odor. If you compare that to a normal smoking session, you can see the added benefit of not having to clean or air the room out.

Dab Rig (and other tools you need)

The most important thing you need when dabbing is an incredible dab rig. Yet, you have to supplement that with quality parts. Dab rigs are similar to water pipes in that they are made up of a mouthpiece, water chamber, and an airflow system. The one extra piece that a dab rig has is a dab nail. These are used due to the incredibly high temperatures that dabbing creates. Lastly, you’ll want to find top-notch torches and a dab tool. Non-essential accessories like carb caps and terp pearls can improve these necessary components.

Dabbing 101 

Finally, it’s time for dabbing. Don’t worry, dabbing for beginners doesn’t have to be scary. You have your dab rig on a flat surface, your concentrate is prepped and ready, your dab tool is clean, and you’re rearing to go. First, put the smallest amount of concentrate on the dab tool. Next, take your torch and heat the nail. It should be very hot (don’t touch). Heating it up usually takes between 20-30 seconds. Let the nail cool for about a minute. Finally, apply the concentrate and inhale the vapor that fills the dab rig. Voila. You’ve just tried dabbing. Don’t worry, the process goes much faster after a few tries.


The world of cannabis continues to improve by the day. What that means for you is that you no longer have to settle for products that do not provide the desired effects. Cannabis has many interesting possibilities, such as dabbing, that ensure you get the high you deserve. So don’t be afraid to experience the amazing feeling that dabbing provides. You won’t regret it.