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Procedure Followed By A Professional For Air Ducts Cleaning

Air ducts are never high on topics for thoughtful conversation or stress-free decision-making. Instead, the topic tends to come up when your home emits unpleasant, sometimes toxic, odors and you’re looking for someone to blame or fix it. The first thing that comes to mind may be the garbage disposal, which coincidentally may also be a culprit since an air vent is going from outside into the unit.

The good news is your nose knows what it’s talking about. Air ducts get dirty and need regular cleaning a few times per year more than any other appliance in your home because they don’t have a self-cleaning function like ranges and ovens do.

Pre Inspection Of The Vents

If a professional inspection of your home where same day air duct cleaning is located has been completed, the company can decide on an approach. For example, if your ducts are located in an attic or crawl space, an inspection of these areas may not be possible.

In this situation, it is best not to make any decisions until the finalization of plans has been made between you and your contractor. Before hiring a specialist, the first thing to do is to map out the duct flow area. This is the most crucial part because, at this point, you will have more detailed information about what needs to be cleaned.

Dry Vacuuming

The vacuum is used to clear away loose dirt, dust, and debris. This is important because tight spaces and crevices may be missed by other techniques such as high-pressure water hoses. This same procedure is also available for dryer vent cleaning.

Deodorizing And Sanitizing

At this point, the technician will use chemicals to remove unique smells coming from your ducts. First, chemicals are applied to surfaces with a cleaning solution to loosen and eliminate contaminants. A mixture of hot water will then be added to ensure a deep cleaning effect on air ducts by the steam cleaning method.

Cleaning Of End Caps And Outlets

End caps are usually made of plastic or metal. They are located on the upper portion of professional air duct cleaning that connects to the main air duct system. These parts will require cleaning due to the possible accumulation of dust, dirt, lint, and other lint-like particles that can often cause problems with other parts of the duct system, like filters and fans. The technician will also clean plugs located at outlets and vents to ensure the proper functioning.

Final Inspection

This final step consists of a visual inspection by a professional before you sign for your services for any additional services that may be needed for your home environment to function. People can also look for dryer vent cleaning irvine to find the best for this job.