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Which Kitchen Blender is Best for the Smoothie?

You can find many smoothie blenders to choose from. But choosing the best one is a little hassle. There are different types of blenders available and we researched a lot. A smoothie blender would be an ideal option for you if you drink smoothie daily.

But what if you have a blender that can blend smoothies for you along with other recipes? Today we’ll share the details of a high-end blender that can do much for you. We choose the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender which is the best for making smoothies in a matter of time.

Key features of Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender

  • Dimension: 8.78 x 7.86 x 17.91 in
  • Motor: 1400W
  • Blade: Stainless steel blade
  • Weight: 5.49 lbs
  • Auto-IQ: 12 Auto-IQ program
  • Jar: 64-oz
  • Jar Material: Glass
  • Tamper: Yes
  • Self-cleaning: Yes
  • Versatile use: Yes

Best Blender for Smoothies

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Blender is the best for smoothie making – it is powerful enough to crush or grind the toughest items also. In the blending industry, Ninja is a very famous name and they have this amazing blender. The following are the details about this smoothie blender.

Blending power

You can expect the best crushing ice for your smoothies from this Ninja blender. This Ninja provides 1400 peak Watts motor power and this motor power can crush the toughest ingredients to prepare your smoothies within seconds.

Also, this motor power is sufficient to make different recipes since it has a hardened stainless steel blade. The blade takes little to no time to make ice into dust or other grinding.

It is a durable blade, you don’t have the hassle of replacing the blade often. Always handle the blade with proper care or else you will cut your fingers.


It is a 5.49 lbs blender which is a pretty lightweight blender than other blender types. If you tend to move the blender from one place to another, this could be your purchase. You will be happy with your choice.


It has a 64-oz container that is made from glass. The max cold liquids capacity of this jar is 56 oz. So never overfill the line when making any cold liquids. A 64 oz jar is perfect for the family meal as it provides you with making a large batch of meals every time.

And there is a tamper that is safe to use during making a recipe in the jar. The pitcher is non-stick which makes the cleaning a breeze for this blender.


The 12 Auto IQ is the best when it comes to making smoothies or other recipes you love eating. They provide automatic blending features so that you can do other kitchen works. Once the blending is done, the blender will stop working itself.

The total speed settings are smoothie, extract, frozen drink, ice cream, mixer, saute, hearty soup, sauce/dip, smooth soup, water, cocktail. With these beautiful settings, you can make your favorite items within a matter of time.

Other speed options are blend and cook, pulse and three-speed settings – low, medium and high. During the blending, you can use these buttons to increase or lower the speed level of the machine.


From the Auto-IQ feature, you can see it is a versatile blender that can make smoothies and other recipes as well. There is a smoothie pre-program on the motor knob available to make smoothies that provide walk-away benefits.

Also, soup and many other different presets are available to make your work easier. You can make hot soup or cocktails in this blender. It is capable of grinding the toughest items so you can use this as a grinder as well.

In terms of chopping, this blender can help you. Before chopping any items, cut them into pieces and add them to the blender. Nut butter, sauces, frozen desserts, ice cream, dips or any items.

This blender provides you with making fruit waters or sodas or craft cocktails within seconds. Use the Water function to make these items.

Easy to clean

Many blender users do not love to clean a blender but cleaning this amazing Ninja blender is super easy. There is a one-touch cleaning option available on the knob. To clean the pitcher, it is recommended to use the cleaning function.

Add water and dishwasher to the blender and run the machine for a few seconds. It also comes with a cleaning brush – uses the brush to clean the blade.

Noise level

It is a 1400W blender that is compared to other high-end blenders. So it is a little noisy while in use. But the users are pretty happy with this blender since it is the best at making smoothies also, providing other best features.

The noise is not a big issue when it comes to using the blender. This could be your choice if you think you can adjust to the noise level.


It has a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase like other Ninja products. But this amazing blender can be used for many years to come with proper care. Many customers said they are using this blender for 3 to 4 years without any major issues.

However, the warranty covers any repair or replacement of the blender with several terms and conditions. And if you break the rules then the warranty will not work.


People who are on a tight budget, they can choose this blender. It is a high-quality blender but compared to other blenders comes in less expensive. And this Ninja blender can last for many years to come, you can consider getting this blender.

Final Words

Ninja is an awesome blender that can virtually do everything from your favorite smoothies to warm soups within a matter of time. The users claim that rather than Vitamix this is powerful. Choose this blender and you will get the best thing in your kitchen.

This versatile blender is a little noisy but so far the best blender and provides healthy foods in minutes. We recommend you should buy this one. This would be a great blender for money.

Didn’t like this blender, want to check some more blenders? Don’t worry we have some more suggestions for you just have a look at best smoothie maker.