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Men’s Diamond Crosses: From Classic To Contemporary Styles

A cross or crucifix is an icon in history related to Jesus’ sacrifice, which holds a special place in people of faith. With time, it was not the symbol of your faith but became a fashion statement that helped men stay true to their Christian heritage. On the flip side, the cross also became quite popular in rock and punk music, associating it with the devil’s machine. No matter the background, wearing a cross pendant has become a cultural icon on its own. If you want to rock a similar look, you can find cool men’s crosses with real diamonds online and pick your favorite choice.

Best Styles for Men Wearing Crosses:

When it comes to styling with crosses in men, it has become as big as the meaning and rich history of the crucifix of Jesus himself. When you buy a cross pendant for that iconic look, make sure you are aware of the following styles.

Plain Cross Necklace:

Wearing a simple cross made of gold or silver isn’t what this article might be about, but you cannot always go for pure jazz all the time. Sometimes you would like to wear a symbol but not be prolific about it. The plain crosses can be made from even platinum to keep it rich but subtle enough to stay under the radar. This type of necklace looks best with thick chains giving it weight and focus.

Crucifix Necklaces:

This pendant represents the symbol of Christianity having a miniature Jesus hung on a cross, which is very true for a man of faith adorning it with their style. A simple chain will go best with this style.

Sideways Cross Pendant:

This style is a modern take on classic style and is attached on both sides with a chain, so it doesn’t hang like a pendant. This cross can be plain, etched with some engravings or hold saying or even be studded with diamonds. Many designers have incorporated this design in chain bracelets, and some have even made them a coupled pair of cross bracelets.

Victorian Styled Pendants:

Victorian style jewelry adds sophistication to your jewelry and vintage quality to your outlook. This style of pendant helps the intricate design elevate the overlook look of the accessory. You can place a focal round diamond in the middle to a bit more shine to the jewelry.

Diamond Cross Necklace:

Crosses with diamond-studded all over, it is more a statement piece of fashion than your love of the holy divine, but if it is a gift from someone who loves you, then it is a different story altogether.

Mini Cross Necklace:

This little cross pendant will give you such a cute and charming look with a simple and thin chain. You can use this cross pendant and chain for everyday chores and tasks where most of the time, you can keep it under your shirt where only the chain would show around your neck.

Thomas Sabo Pendant Cross and Crown:

A most intricately designed cross, having the most vintage look with having a crown settled on the intersection of the cross. The rich vintage look is made in Sterling silver, added by perfect little insertions of zirconia stones. This beautiful combination brings together two iconic symbols in one piece, bringing together old and new fashion senses.

We believe this design is an ode to the medieval church design aesthetics bringing such a powerful image from the past into reality. This pendant leaves such an impactful impression on you that it stands on its own when styling your look.

Types of Crosses and The History Behind Them:

Nowadays, you see people wearing crosses attached to different accessories, and it has become a part of regular fashion. More importantly, the cross has been primarily a part of bling lovers like rappers and big players showing the love of this iconic symbol and making a statement of their popularity. It wasn’t always so, as, before the rise and popularity of Christianity, the cross was regarded as an ill omen, and people wearing it or professing their faith would be dealt harshly, to put it mildly.

Let’s see what designs of crosses hold which rich history as buying a cross without knowing a bit of trivia about it would be deemed unappreciative of the history this icon has made since its inception.

Gold Cross Pendants – Crosses, either made of gold or gold plated, have somewhat gained popularity since the dark crusades where religious men waged war on each other while deeming each other heretics and unclean.

Silver Cross Pendants – Even though gold has always been popular due to its nobility and rarity, silver pendants have been used as a promotional gift in old times to attract newcomers to the faith.

Ankh Crosses – Ankh Crosses are one of the oldest symbols originating from Egypt from the halls of the pharaohs. The priest used them for their power and performance in their rituals as it represents life itself, and it might also mean the transformation of the dead into immortality in a different realm.

The Crucifix – Normally mistaken for a regular cross, this holds more meaning for the love of Jesus and his sacrifice, which often is worn by faith believers. Before the latest fashion, it was designated for more official ceremonies, which gave it a somber personality in the eyes of the masses. As most Christian faith believers have been prosecuted in time due to their faith, just as Jesus was crucified, these symbols now hold a lot more meaning than simply being fashion pieces.


The history is rich with powerful symbolism of powerful chapters in the world that now normally becomes a part of daily life fashion where most are just following the fashion trends other than their actual meaning. We have tried to collectively explain these concepts in this article as nowadays, a cross is hardly seen without a diamond. As a parting comment, if you include diamonds in your cross pendant style, don’t forget to learn what does a cushion cut diamond looks like to know more if you want to convert this symbol into bling.