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4 Services You Can Avail From A Foundry

Unlike in fairytales, legends, novels, and real moments in history, treasures are not only found under the sea or buried deep inside a cave. It’s found in the things we cherish and hold dear in our hearts. Whether it’s a gift for a friend, a lovely piece in your living room for your family, or an expression for the art you’ve created and have been looking for a medium to materialise, a foundry can help you bring the craft to life.


Have you heard of a foundry before? Foundries are factories where they melt metal until it is liquid enough to be poured into a mould. Once it cools down, you now have a casting. There are various casting processes that people have been using over the years to make charming pieces. More so, it can also be used for manufacturing machine components used in engines, railroads, pipe components, and more. However, these days, it’s the artisans that find foundries most valuable.

Here are some of the services you can avail from foundries, be it whatever purpose your piece will serve:

Mould Making

One of the essential components in casting is its mould. The mould shapes the metal into what you envision it to be with your design. A foundry has experts to create the mould for designs and even replicate challenging ones with the most intricate details. If you have a business or if you plan to use the mould for multiple castings, you can avail mould making services from a foundry. Best quality silicone rubber is the most common material for moulds, and it can last up to 50 or more castings and five years of use.

Lost Wax Casting

For roughly 6,000 years or more, lost wax casting has been a popular method for casting through and through. Its strength lies in its ability to preserve and main the smallest and most intricate details for a piece. It’s the same process of melting metal and pouring it into a mould. Although, in this type of casting, a wax model is used to create the mould. When the mould making process is done, they melt the wax model and drain it away; most machinists, jewellers, and artists opt for this type of casting because of the minute details that go into accessories, machine components, art pieces and more. 

Crafting and Packaging

Bronze pieces are delicate, and shipping them is a crucial process you need to be careful about so your piece item won’t go to waste. A foundry can help you with that, be it in crafting a special packaging to make it more impressive as a gift or keep it safe with sealed-air foams so you can ship them safely. Most colossal bronze pieces are shipped in robust and special wood crates.

Sand Cast Plaques

Plaques are one of typical decorations in buildings, museums, galleries, different offices and institutions, and even in homes. Bronze plaques add elegance to a structure. Foundries can make bronze plaques with only text in them, an image, or even a portrait of a person of whom you may want to imbed a memory of in the plaque. 


You can avail yourself so much more services from a foundry, such as services on making bases, repairing and maintaining pieces, digital design, scanning and printing, and more. If you’re looking for one, you can check bronze casting near me that can cater to any of your bronze art needs.

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