Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Business Benefits of USB Extension Cables

There was a time, not long ago, when all the computer peripherals were interfaced with a PC through the PC’s serial or parallel ports. There were a limited numbers of ports available for connecting devices – a different connector for every device. That meant a printer, keyboard and a mouse was connected by a unique connector to your PC.

Today, almost all computer peripherals are connected by USB extension cables that are connected to USB ports. With unlimited data transfer rates, USB extension cables play a vital role for businesses by allowing data transfer at high speeds from one device to another. 

Let us take a look at the many business benefits of USB extension cables.

Increase the speed of your data transfer

PC serial ports and parallel ports have a lower data transfer rates – mostly ranging from of 150 kB/s to 2 MB/s. In comparison, USB extension cables have a data transfer rate of 12 Mb/s for the 1.0 version that can go up to about 480 Mb/s with USB 2.0. You can even get a data transfer rate of up to 5 GB/s for USB 3.0. The surge in data transfer rate enhances the speed of operations where you need to process large volumes of data such as streaming, scanning, and other input/output applications.

Power your peripherals

USB extension cables provide power to peripherals such as webcams, flash drives and even computer lamps through the USB port. 

Allows you to connect multiple devices

Most PCs have multiple USB ports that allow you to connect multiple devices; this increases the efficiency of your device. Additionally, you can use USB hubs to add more sockets as needed, allowing more devices to be connected and available for use at the same time.

Allows data transfer without Internet connection and power

Imagine a situation where you need to transfer an important file and there is an issue with your net connection. No worries!! You can use a USB extension cable to transfer files from your tablet or phone to a computer even if you do not have access to the Internet. 

Moreover, you do not need electricity to transfer files or to exchange data when using a USB extension cable.

Charge your phone, tablets etc.

You can even charge the batteries of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, external batteries, MP3 players directly from a USB port.

Reduces data fluctuation

USB extension cables can be used to reduce data fluctuations. This comes handy when you have to transfer data in bulk.

Easily available and affordable

You can procure affordable USB extension cables from anywhere – offline and online – at different price ranges, lengths, shapes, colours, capacities and IP ratings.

USB cable ports are smaller

Remember those bulky and heavy laptops that you used to lug during your business trips? Nowadays, computer manufacturers design lighter, thinner and compact laptops computers; thanks to the smaller USB port sizes, you can easily carry your lightweight laptops on all your business trips.

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