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Predictions Regarding Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is going to be 2nd smart city of Pakistan and 5th in the Asia. People around the country specially in Punjab region are talking about this housing society and thinking high about it.
Many promising predictions and forecast have already been made which are expected to deliver by the developers of the Lahore Smart City housing society. Some of them are given below which will prove that how fruitful investing in the housing society is:

  • It is going to be the top housing society of Lahore and nearby regions in just 3 to 4 years. Plots hear are affordable to every class group of people.
  • Lahore Smart City is offering residential plots but soon it will offer commercial plots and farmhouses.
  • It is going too be the future business hub of Lahore. Many national and international brands will be starting their business in commercial sectors of LSC housing society.
  • Profit return of the housing society is going to be increase on monthly basis. That’s why it is best option for investment in property sector in Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Lahore Smart City is going to provide similar facilities as Capital Smart City, Islamabad for example Salient Features of Lahore Smart City: Eco-Friendly society, Innovative Security system, Lush Green and Fresh environment, housing society own private bus system, Underground wiring of Electricity, 24/7 supply of Water, gas and electricity, Smart apps for example ( traffic, weather, electricity), internet, Hotels, Shopping centers, and Sports clubs, Smart and modern Housing architecture and plan, World Class infrastructure, separate Overseas block, Mosques, Parks, fascinating lakes, Recreational Activities, Golf Course
  • This society offers its occupants a unique and modern living experience to enjoy ahead of its time facilities. By Incorporating advanced technology and introducing smart features this housing society will become the 2nd Smart City in Pakistan.

Unique features of Lahore smart city:

Lahore small city will offer a comprehensive and set of facilities and amenities to its residents. A whole range of facilities are planned in different parts and districts of the society including transportation services, seamless connectivity, sporting facilities, community buildings and smart city facilities.

Many Professionals and researches are making excellent developing plans for Smart City Lahore. After the launch and completion of this project, SkyMarketing will encounter a great boost. Worthy and advanced information is being collected on which the development of this smart project will be based. Modern infrastructure will be developed throughout the community with efficient technologies in every sphere.

Such as:

Access of facilities:

Access to water, electricity and gas: Society has its built-in Gas and Electricity generators. It also has its water filtration system to facilitate the residents and society.

Wide network of carped road:

Alongside all the facilities, the roads that leads to the desired places are well made and smooth and wide.

Public transport:

Giving comfort is the mare concern of blue world city therefore considering the transport dilemma, one would get it is convinced right at the door.


Lahore Smart City has a wide community; therefore, it has two main entrances accordingly.

Beautiful Parks:

The society will have approximately 40% open spaces for landscaping and gardening and number of small and large family parks will be built across the society.

Nature your creativity and let your imagination wander:

Owner of the plots can design their houses according to their architects and design. There is no limit of creativity in the society

Dynamic and affordable luxury:

Prices of luxury and base necessitates items is way less than any other housing society

Tranquil and serene environment:

Lahore Smart City is located near Ravi river and have a peaceful surrounding as it is a little out of main city. It is enclosed by vast fields and green grounds.

A new destination to live work and fun:

LSC is one of its kind. It will offer work opportunity as well as entertainment and fun activities.

Experience of future of living:

Smart Cities aim to deliver experience of future living. Whole of the society is connected by smart apps for example housing connectivity, traffic apps, weather app, gates handling any more

Ulta modern masterplan community:

Masterplan is under develop by Surbana Jurong (SJ)which is Singaporean company and has completed many projects of developing smart cities.

Creating smart job opportunity:

Already described that due to building of new smart city, many construction ventures, security jobs and other services jobs are available and after that many cooperate offices and trading agencies are going to run in Lahore Smart City. This will provide infinitive number of jobs and business opportunities in future.

Seamless green spaces connectivity:

40 percent of the land in Lahore Smart city is reserved for green spaces and leisure areas for residential families.

18 feet wide lanes, 400 feet wide main boulevard:

Developers of Lahore Smart City have the great concern about traffic issues inside the Lahore. That’s why they have panned to make wide roads with greenbelts at side.

Safe and secure surrounding:

Last but not the least feature of the society is its safe environment. They promise to provide secure living with 24 hours cctv cameras, security teams of guards and gated community.

This is the brief information about the Lahore Smart City, 2nd project of makers of Capital Smart City near Blue World City Islamabad. If you want to know more about the society or book a plot in it then contact to Skymarketing Islamabad.