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How Do I Plan A Garage Storage?

The garage is one of the most neglected parts of a home. This is simply because most people only keep items they don’t use often or no longer need in there. 

If you are ready to reclaim your garage space and restore order to it, listed below are things to do. 

Get Rid Of Things You No Longer Need In The Garage

A lot of homeowners have garages but unfortunately, only a few of them park their cars in there because it is cluttered with a lot of unwanted items. The first thing you need to do when organizing your garage is get rid of things you no longer need. Before clearing out your garage, you might think you have a lot of important stuff in there but once you start clearing, you’ll find out most of the things in there aren’t supposed to be there anymore. Once you come across them, don’t hesitate to put them in the waste bin. Still, if there are certain things there that might still be quite useful to others, you can either donate or sell them. You can also transfer useful items in your garage that are better stored elsewhere to create more space. Another alternative is to create overhead storage and keep these types of items there. 

Put Similar Items Together To Know What You Have In Each Category

After getting rid of items that you no longer need from your garage, it’s now time to focus on those that are still very useful. To achieve this, you should check around your garage for items that work for similar purposes, so you can easily put them all in the same place. Some of the categories you can use in sorting these items are:

  • Gardening Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Repair Equipment 
  • No category 

Figure Out Where Each Category Of Items Will Be Stored

When organizing your garage, determining where each category of similar items will be stored is quite important. Aside from the fact that it makes them easily accessible, it also helps prevent the garage from getting cluttered again to a large extent. To determine their placement, you need to first ask yourself what items need to go out of the garage severally. It’s better to keep items that are used often, near the door, so they can be easy to move. Items like lawn care tools which are used on a weekly basis can also be kept on the right side of the garage door. If you’ve decided to keep your cleaning tools in the garage because you don’t have a cleaning closet in the house, you need to also keep them close to the door so you can easily grab them when needed. The best option for equipment that your kids need to access often is storing them in the lower part of the garage. 

Decide The Best Storage System For Each Category Of Items


Trying to figure out what type of shelves, hooks, and bind needed to organize your garage can be overwhelming. Yet, it’s something you have to do while organizing your garage storage. 

Here is a list of important storage system to consider when organizing your home garage:

  • Freestanding storage shelves
  • Hooks and Brackets that attach directly to the wall
  • Wall track systems containing various hooks and attachments
  • Wall-mounted storage shelves
  • Shelving units that can hang down from the garage ceiling. 

Map Out A Detailed Plan For Items To Store In A Certain Location Of The Garage And The Best Storage Pieces To Use In Holding Them

Having decided where to keep certain items in your garage and the best storage systems to use in holding them, the final step is to have a well drawn-out layout or plan. This plan will contain details from the steps discussed above. While making a plan for your garage, ensure that every item in there fits somewhere so they don’t start loitering the place again and so there will be enough space left for your car.

Once you’ve made the perfect sketch for your garage, you can decide to show your family members to know if they agree with it or not.  If there are areas that need adjustments, you can fix them. If not, you can carry on with your plans.