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How to Choose Romantic Presents

One of the most difficult decisions to make on birthdays or other celebrations is choosing presents. Everyone wants to give the gift that is most suitable for the other person. The right choice is at times more difficult than we expect. And it might also be sometimes challenging or too emotional for our partner – the gift addressee. Here are some gift ideas that your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate.

A trip to a special place

Why give only objects and gadgets as presents, that only scatter our precious space? Why not offer a gift that brings higher feelings, like joy and peace? Put a couple of air or bus tickets into an envelope… See what will happen… Go near to a restaurant in neighbouring town, or go far to Paris, Panama, or Palmir. Such a romantic event or memory can be much more beautiful than something material. Make a few remarkable, astonishing photos together in that place. Who knows, you can make it into yet another gift by turning the best pic into a box of jigsaw puzzle, to be assembled together and hung on the wall above the kitchen table.

Spontaneous Flowers

If you have just started a relationship, the first days are very special. You are in love and everything is so fresh. Probably, you want to celebrate every day that you are together. What you can do is buy a flower every now and then. A bunch of flowers on Monday to sweeten the start, flowers on Wednesday to sweeten the peak of the week, yet another flower on Friday and on Sunday too. This can be a very expensive gift altogether, but if you look around properly, it does not have to be so. You can find beautiful flowers in your garden or in a meadow and make a bouquet. You can also buy a bouquet at the supermarket or at the floral shop.

Gigs Together

Who doesn’t like music? How nice is it to share the passion for music together. Go together to a certain concert by an artist that your beloved one is always talking about. If you do not like that artist yourself, you can always invite a substitute for yourself, which might be an additional nice surprise for the gift receiver.


If you want to go for something which will be a constant reminder of you, a piece of jewelry is a good idea. Figure out, what type of jewelry your beloved one prefers the most. If it is, for example, a Victorian style jewelry, you can choose among various designs. This can range from a necklace to a bracelet or even a promise ring. A promise ring is actually a ring that you wear together with your partner, to promise each other love. Think of it as a preliminary step of an engagement ring. It does not have to have anything to do with a perpetuation, but it is a nice gesture.


This may sound like a very standard gift, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. For example, some people wear one type of perfume every day. If you then get a scent for your boyfriend or girlfriend with a totally different fragrance that you like, from that moment, he or she will smell inspiring and intriguing.

Something Intimate

You can also give something private. Something like a mug or a pillowcase with your face or signature on it. For example, if you play an instrument, you can give something that has to do with it. Do you play the piano? Then maybe you can give your favorite song by the artist or even play and record the song. Do you like books? Then you can always give your favorite book to him or her. If you really like poems, then make a poetry album with all your favorite poems.

Day out

Making someone a great day is always an exceptional gift. Choose something extraordinary to make it a special experience. Start with a refreshing walk, take the train to a city that you like, go shopping, eat dinner at some luxurious place. You can schedule a day of wellness or visit a museum.


There is no human being without hobbies and interests, right? Then there must also be the perfect book for your loved one! It is hard to say which book you should buy because everyone has their own preferences. Take a search through the bookstore, if necessary, secretly with him/her to find out where the person goes and shows interest in books.

Furthermore, you can, of course, still go with gift cards, clothing, food, weekends away (very nice!), or something else. Consider exactly what gift will suit your beloved person the most. Only you can answer this question and choose something really special. Sometimes, the simplest things or actions can give a lot of happiness. Think about adventures that you have experienced and maybe you will come up with something that reminds of one of the situations that happened to you two.