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11 Types of Doors You can try for Your Home

Whether you are building or buying your new home or renovating your old one, choosing the right type of doors to install is one of the most important decisions you can make. But there are so many types of doors available in the market, how will you know which one is best for you?

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The most important reason for installing door is to ensure security in your home. That’s why door material is the first thing most people will think of when making this decision. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. But who said it is wrong to have it all? If you are keen enough, you will discover that doors have so much more to offer apart from security. Examples of such things include

  • Durability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Visual appearance

Installing multi-purposeful doors in your home will come in handy, securing and boosting the value of your property.

As stated above, there are so many types of doors in the market. All these doors vary from one another based on

  • Location; interior or exterior doors
  • Material; wood, metal, glass, and PVC doors
  • Mode of operation; pivot, Revolving, swinging, sliding, folding, rolling, and collapsible doors,
  • Mode of construction; wire gauzed, panel, louvered and flush doors,
  • Use these classifications to choose the perfect doors to install in your home. But to give you a rough idea, below is a list of the best 11 door types you can try for your home based on location.
  • Exterior Doors

All homes must have at least one exterior door to provide the main entrance to the house; that’s why exterior doors are also called entry doors. Although they are all different, certain specific features about exterior doors are similar. These are

  • They are all solid
  • They swing inward to open.
  • They have a deadbolt and doorknob for security purposes.

Aside from that, everything else depends on what you choose based on your tastes and preferences.

When it comes to the material exterior doors are either wooden, fiberglass, or metallic. Of all the three, wood is the most preferred material, probably because it is stylish, rock-solid, and sustainable. Below are some of the best exterior doors you will find in the market.

1. Dutch Doors

A Dutch door consists of two parts divided equally where both the top and the bottom halves can operate independently. That means you can open the top or the bottom part by itself or lock the two together to open the whole door.

2. Storm Doors

A storm door is usually installed as a second door to protect the inner door from bad weather. Most storm doors are either metallic or vinyl, but you can also find wooden storm doors. Storm doors are available in the market in both basic design and customized designs. Of the two, plain storm doors are the most affordable option.

3. Patio Sliding Doors

A patio sliding door is basically a large pane of glass, sheathed in a wooden, vinyl, or metallic frame. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to maximize your outside view.

4. Screen Doors

A screen door is a type of lightweight exterior door, ideal for maximizing both light and fresh air in your home and also prevent insects from entering. It is also ideal for saving energy since you don’t have to use your A/C so much. Like storm doors, a screen door also installs as a second door to the inner exterior door.

  • Interior Doors

An interior door is installed inside the house to separate the rooms inside. And since they do not have to withstand the weather or provide security, these doors are generally lighter than exterior doors. Some of the best interior doors available in the market include

5. Hinged Single Doors

Hinged single doors the most type of interior doors. These doors are lightweight in general and have two hinges to allow swinging.

6. French Doors

French doors are most common as exterior doors but are also stunning as interior doors. They consist of two glass doors that open inward and meet to close, with one of the doors attaching to the door frame both at the top and bottom. French doors are ideal for creating a wider doorway opening and a stylish look in your home.

7. Pocket Doors

A Pocket door is a type of interior sliding door that slides into the wall to open. Pocket doors allow you to open your doorway fully and are ideal where space is limited.

8. Bi-fold Doors

A folding/ bi-fold door is a type of lightweight interior door that folds inward to open. Bi-fold doors are more common for closet doors, but they are multi-purposeful. According to Sydney Office, one folding door can save you half the space a hinged door uses to swing. Bi-fold doors are easy to install and are available as louvered, paneled, or flush doors.

9. Flush Doors

A flush door is simply a flat slab and is usually the cheapest option in the market. Flush doors are hollow and have different varieties of laminates and hardwood veneers such as oak and birch to bring out a stylish look in your home.

10. Panel Doors

A panel door consists of three horizontal rails, sometimes four and three vertical stiles filed with panels between them. Each of these panels has a decorative molding or something of that sort, called sticking surrounding it. They are ideal for creating a luxurious touch in your home in both modern and traditional settings.

11. Bypass Doors

Bypass doors are more or less like flush doors. They operate more like patio sliding doors, only that they are far much lighter. Although not common, these doors are also perfect to install inside the house.


These are some of the best options you will find in the market searching for the perfect type of door to install in your home. But there are so many other options available. Ultimately, the door type you choose will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Before you invest, first set your priorities right and don’t rush to identify the type of door that best suits your needs.