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Fall 2022’s Trending Purses

Did you know that the average American woman owns six purses? That means some of you own a lot more.

The more the merrier when it comes to accessories like handbags. Since the changing seasons also mean a change in wardrobe, women should have different purses to match the styles of their clothing.

As fall approaches here in 2022, there are some trending purses you need to know about, so that you can be ready when the air starts to feel crisp outside.

Keep reading below to learn about the top fall purse trends for this year and ensure every autumn outfit is complete. 

Crescent Bags

For fall 2022, one of the most prominent purse trends is the crescent-shaped bag. We are seeing these on runways across the world, so you’ll start seeing more and more women carrying them.

From simple to satin to completely studded, they come in nearly every variety. They are comfortable to carry either on the should or in your hand. 

Extra Large Tote Bags

Other types of trending handbags for the fall are oversized bags. In particular, fashionable women are pulling out their oversized tote bags. 

Whether they are made from cotton canvas or leather, they all have a place in the fall.

Vintage Bags for the Win

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for wearing brand new pieces and styles not seen before. But fall is often the peak time for sporting vintage goods.

One of the best handbag trends for autumn is the vintage handbag. While many brands offer great vintage bag choices, none are more important for fall than vintage Gucci bags.

The good news is that you can often find vintage Gucci bags secondhand, saving a ton of money while taking advantage of this trend. Check out this page on Gucci handbags to find out how to get designer handbags for a steep discount. 

Don’t Forget the Backpack

Some outfits just aren’t complete without a backpack. And with each passing year, backpacks are getting cuter, more stylish, and are carried by more women each day.

And fall is the perfect time to bring along a backpack, since extra layers, gloves, and headwear might be necessary with the cooler temperatures.

For a simple and sporty look, the Fjallraven classic backpack is a must. With multiple sizes, they are compact, clean, and perfect for every casual or athletic outfit. They also make for the perfect personal item, sliding under the seat with ease while on an airplane. 

And the colors used by the brand are all perfect for the season, and will likely match many of your coats and outfits. 

Otherwise, leather backpacks are the choice for women headed to work or for a classy day on the town. The Lorimer Backpack from Madewell is a popular choice. 

Loading Up on Trending Purses

For many women, fall is the season for fashion. Summer is just too hot to worry about cute outfits all the time. But as fall comes, our desire to wear the perfect outfit every day grows.

Just make sure to have enough trending purses to complete each outfit and make every day perfect.

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