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What Kind of Sleeper Are You? Choosing a Mattress That Best Fits Your Sleeping Style

While everyone sleeps, the way that everyone sleeps can differ wildly. Some people sleep on their backs, some on their sides and some on their stomachs. Some even switch the positions they can comfortably sleep in at will. 

If you find yourself struggling to sleep or wake up a little uncomfortable, there is a chance you are using the wrong mattress for your specific sleeping style. This article is going to go over the kind of mattress that normally works well for each style of sleeper.

Side Sleeper

People sleeping on their sides is one of the most common and comfortable positions. However, there are many different kinds of side sleeping. Some will sleep in the fetal position, some will sleep with legs straight, and some will alternate. Because of the potential for movement and shifting, a softer mattress is often better for side sleepers. Something like a memory foam mattress is generally a good idea.

This type of mattress can also help to contour to the curves of your body while you lay on your side. If the mattress is too firm, it can cause a lot of strain on their bodies (in the form of pressure points) and make it difficult to find a comfortable position.

If you want to learn more about which types of mattresses in particular are best for side sleepers, there are several great online resources to visit (such as This Old House), that can be full of helpful information.

Back Sleeper 

Sleeping on your back is another common choice for people. If you sleep on your back, the most important things to look for in a mattress are the support it provides and how firm it is. The more firm support a mattress provides, the better it will be for back sleepers. This is because it can help keep your spine in the right place with an adequate amount of support in the right places.

Of course, the mattress should still have enough softness to be comfortable, as well. However, if you go too soft, you will find your back pain could get worse due to the limited support that comes from a less-firm mattress. Sleeping on your back is one of the best positions in terms of proper body alignment, but some people simply don’t find it too comfortable.

Stomach Sleeper

The last of the three major sleeping positions that we will cover is stomach sleeping. Stomach sleepers generally require a decent amount of support in their mattress. Equal support across their entire body, is often preferred as well. If the mattress is too soft, it could lead to a lot of lower back pain (which is quite common amongst Americans) and your lower spinal area could hyperextend.

A flat sleeping surface with adequate support should generally be the goal for these individuals. However, if it is too firm it can put a lot of pressure on your chest when you try to sleep, which isn’t the most comfortable. A medium-firm mattress is a popular choice for those who sleep exclusively on their stomach.

Switch From One to Another

While most people do have a dominant position that they prefer to sleep in, this isn’t always the case. Some people will go from sleeping on their backs one day, to sleeping on their stomach the next. If this is you, a mattress that falls somewhere in the middle of the soft to firm argument is generally the way to go.

You want something supportive, that is still soft enough to allow the mattress to give you a little bit of pressure point relief. Something like a hybrid mattress, which incorporates both foam and springs could be a good option. However, they can be expensive. Other good choices could be a slightly more firm memory foam mattress, or a softer innerspring.

The Right Mattress For Your Needs

The kind of sleeper you are can have a direct connection to the right mattress for your needs. The information included in this guide will be able to help you choose the right mattress, whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper or anything in between.