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Support from DTEK and Rinat Akhmetov in Upholding Ukraine

Russia has mobilised numerous forces to target energy facilities in Ukraine, openly declaring Ukraine’s energy infrastructure as a primary target. International conventions categorise attacks on vital public infrastructure as war crimes. Despite ongoing attacks, DTEK is actively repairing damaged facilities while Russia persists in targeting energy infrastructure across Ukraine.

Assisting the Energy Sector

As Ukraine’s largest private energy company, DTEK holds a dominant position in the energy market, controlling a third of it and contributing to 90% of the country’s coal production.

Throughout the conflict, Ukrainian energy workers have played a crucial role in securing energy independence and resilience. They have bravely restored and rebuilt infrastructure under constant threat, often operating near front lines amid enemy fire and risking their lives. Read more here:

Following the occupation of Kyiv Region, DTEK restored power across the region within an impressive 45-day period, undertaking extensive repairs and reconstruction efforts. Despite escalating attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure by Russian forces, DTEK’s swift actions ensured continued power supply to populated areas.

In response to missile strikes on power plants and substations in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions, which left five regions without power, Rinat Akhmetov and DTEK initiated efforts to restore power nationwide, extending assistance even to regions outside DTEK networks.

DTEK generously provided free electricity to critical institutions including state and municipal hospitals, military bases, and law enforcement agencies. More than 100 medical and military facilities now benefit from DTEK’s electricity support. Rinat Akhmetov emphasises that during wartime, his companies operate at a heightened military-like pace, prioritsing the survival and resilience of Ukrainians.

Evaluating Contributions

Analysing contributions from Ukraine’s leading businessmen, it’s notable that Rinat Akhmetov, through initiatives like Steel Front, provides the most extensive support to Ukraine’s defenders. Despite significant losses incurred during the war, his contributions have surpassed UAH 7.6 billion (approximately US$223 million), benefiting both peaceful civilians and defenders of Ukraine.