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Why Simple Casino Games Might Be Your Best Bet

Most are people are aware that there is a lot of thought put into the layout of a casino floor. There is, of course, a lot of psychology put into it: The casino management in the grand casinos of Las Vegas know where to put the games that will attract the hotel guests as they walk to their rooms; they know where to put the games that will attract the high rollers; they know how to layout the games to attract revellers walking off the street. Everything by design, and nothing by accident.

The same theories apply to online casinos, but in a slightly different manner. Obviously, you don’t walk though an online casino site in the same manner as a casino floor, but you will navigate it in a manner known to operators. This doesn’t mean online casinos are designed to trick you into playing certain games, but it means that certain games are placed more prominently than others.

New Games Given Top Billing

In practice, that means two types of games are placed prominently: Either the newest and most popular games are given top billing on the site; or, you will find that games tied into some promotion are placed prominently. Of course, there can be plenty of overlap with these two categories, i.e. casinos might want to run a promotion on some hot new game.

However, there is an argument that you can miss out on some great games, simply because of where they are placed on the site. Often, that means the traditional, older games are buried somewhere on the casino site. While we have a natural inclination to play more modern games, there is something to be said for the simple games. And, indeed, there are even some games that can be more profitable.

Take, for example, the Spin A Win arcade game at It’s a simple game developed by Playtech, which invites players to spin a wheel based on different colours and numbers. Basically, it’s like a cross between roulette and wheel of fortune. However, certain bets in the game will have a virtual return rate of 97.50% making it better in than the likes of European roulette (97.30%), and certainly much better than slots in terms of returns over time.

RTP Can Be Higher with Simple Games

Having a high RTP (return to player) doesn’t guarantee a winning session, but it does theoretically increase your chances of winning when compared to games with a lower RTP. The same can be said for other classic casino games like blackjack and video poker, both of which will have RTP in the high 90s (depending on the variant). These games might not be as flashy as the modern video slots, but they might be a better bet when it comes to getting a profit.

Of course, it’s always a bit of a balancing act. Some of these classic games might only offer a few dozen times your bet amount as a top prize, whereas a modern progressive jackpot slot can literally offer millions of times your stake. In short, it should depend on your gaming strategy. If you are looking to patiently turn a small profit, then the classic games (always check the info to see the payout reports) might be your best option. If you are reaching for the stars, then choose a riskier jackpot game.

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