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How to Trim a Hedge Using a Trimmer

To keep your outdoor space neat and clean, you have to trim your hedge reasonably. It is strongly recommended that to bring the natural outlook and beauty back to your yard in front of your home, office, or any other residential area, you need regular maintenance of your hedge. Your hedge with perfect cutting and well-designed shape can earn more sophistication in your area. Cutting hedges perfectly along with shrubs and bushes using a hedge trimmer is not the most straightforward task. You need to know every ins and outs of using a trimmer.

How to trim a hedge using a trimmer

If you are going to operate your machine without having any knowledge about how to trim, then you’re going to get a vagrant result. The battle between you and your hedge is almost familiar nowadays. Many of the homeowners are looking for the point of how they can operate their hedge trimmer like a professional. Let’s take a look at some issues that could be helpful to you to enhance your knowledge about how you can manage a trimmer in order to get a better cut for the perfect shape of your hedge.

Different types of hedge trimmer

First of all, let’s have a look at different types of hedge trimmer that we usually use to trim our hedge. There are mainly four types of hedge trimmer you will find in the market. They are:

  1. Electric hedge trimmer
  2. Pole hedge trimmer
  3. Battery-powered hedge trimmer
  4. as-powered hedge trimmer

Now we are going to give you some information shortly about the types of trimmers above.

Electric hedge trimmer

An electric wired cable mainly connects the electric hedge trimmer to the source of power. The trimmer itself draws its energy from the electricity directly to run. You will have the main advantage of using an electric hedge trimmer is getting energy supply continues to operate your machine as well as continue cut to your hedge. But you will get a limited distance to move because of wired cable. As the machine contains no batteries or gas tanks, the machine is comparatively lighter in weight. You can easily handle the device. But you need to be aware of its cord. You should give your concentration enough that the blades are not touching your cords behind.

Pole hedge trimmer

Pole hedge trimmer is specifically designed for getting an upper distance than as usual to trim your hedge. The device is installed on the upper side of a pole that allows you to cut the upper surface of your hedge without any effort. Since you will be the underside of the machine at using time, you should wear safety goggles and protective gear over your face for upcoming branches, buckles, or any types of debris that come over you.

Battery-powered hedge trimmer

Battery-powered hedge trimmers are movable since it is cordless. You can easily go everywhere to design your hedge along with bushes and shrubs holding the battery-powered hedge trimmer. To properly maintain your device, you need to be careful about its charge. You shouldn’t start trimming with a half charge as well as an insufficient charge. You should begin to your trimming with a full charge of the battery, and when you are done cutting your hedge, you shouldn’t leave the battery on the machine. You have to put the battery back on the charge again as soon as you can.

Gas-powered hedge trimmer

Among all types of hedge trimmer, the gas-powered hedge trimmer is the best hedge trimmer. You should use the best gas-powered hedge trimmer that helps you to get the best result. As it will give you more strong performance and robust cutting of your hedge, it needs more maintenance issues to execute. A gas-powered hedge trimmer is comparatively more massive than any other type of trimmer you will find in the market. It is just because of having a gas tank with it. It is also movable, and you will have a smooth performance using a gas-powered hedge trimmer if you can handle it perfectly.

Tips for trimming your hedge perfectly

We have discussed enough different types of hedge trimmer. Now we are going to give you some helpful direction to trim your hedge along with shrubs and bushes perfectly.

Check weather conditions

Although this is not included in trimming tips, it is very much important indeed before going to trim your hedge. A rainy day or cloudy day is not suggested to work on. In order to perform your trimming task safely, you should select a clear and sunny day. A rainy day will turn your ground wet and slippery that might cause an accident during your homework.

Evaluate the shape and size

When you are about to trim your hedge, your first task will be to count on the size and shape of your hedge rather than cutting directly. You should make an estimate upon your hedge area. It could be large, as well as small in your size. These estimates will help you to make your decision correctly on how you should start trimming or from which side.

Clear your ground area

You should clear the ground area where you are going to stand and perform your cutting. Any rotten leaves, twigs, water, or hole shouldn’t be on the ground.

Hold the machine away from your body

When you are trimming, you have to keep the device in enough distance from your body. Always ensure that your body is directly behind the blades of the trimmer machine.

Work slowly and with steady movement

Keep it in your mind always that performing any task in order to finish quickly can bring any accidents. It is not only for your safety issue but also for decorating your hedge nicely. Slow and steady cuts of your hedge are going to give you a perfect shape and size.

Take periodic break

During trimming, you should take a break continuously. It will help you to gain your energy back as well as protecting the machine from being overheated.

Clear the area

When you are finished off your hedge decoration, then you should remove all of the debris properly. In order to get a professional look at your hedge, clean all of the fallen leaves, branches, and debris on the grounds.