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What You Need to Know About the Futuristic AI-Integrated TVs

People have always found ways to entertain themselves. It is a crucial need to keep things in balance. Work and play go side by side, after all. Even during the dark ages, cavemen would sit around fires at night, telling stories and blowing off steam after a hard day’s labor. However, the award for the greatest invention to have changed the face of entertainment goes to the television. Starting from the heavy-bodied cathode ray versions of the past to the recent ultra-HD flat-screened varieties, TVs have come a long way, indeed. The latest development in the domain being the inclusion of the AI technology.

Artificial intelligence seems to be the insignia of this decade. More and more gadgets are being digitized in this way, ranging from a simple vacuum cleaner to the machines on an industrial scale. So, how could the TV be left behind? Yes, if you follow the authority TV brands, you’ll see how they’ve introduced AI compatible TV models this very year! Whether it is Samsung’s AI-applied 85-inch 8K QLED TV or LG’s ThinkQ 4K OLED TV, the hybrid technology is definitely on the horizon. But what does it promise for the users? A greater convenience, a smoother interface and a new path of communication.Let’s see some of its most prominent features.

Voice-Controlled Interface

In the beginning, there were buttons. You had to sit incredibly close to the bulky television in order to change the channels by pushing its buttons. Imagine the inconvenience of having to squat for an entire evening. Then, the inventors brought remote control technology to the television to make its maneuverability a little easy for the users. With a sleek remote directed at the IR scanner of the TV, you could change the channels from afar, still not from a great distance though. Now, however, with an AI integrated television in existence, you can easily chat with a built-in automated assistant, like Alexa, and play whatever you want on your TV using only your voice! Just give the directive to the TV and like a genie in a magic lamp, it will comply within seconds. This remarkable interface renders everything else obsolete.

Facial Recognition

Imagine a television which identifies you by your very face and automatically plays the selection of stuff only you like when you sit in front of it. You won’t even have to move a muscle in such a case, and an effortless entertainment will be dislodged for you by a smart technological wonder. I am talking about an AI TV, the tech agenda for this year. Especially anticipated in this regard is TLC’s X5 TV with a smart facial recognition AI interface, which you can power with this package to enjoy an advanced form of entertainment. Its personalized content recommendations for each member of the household are sure to blow your mind.

Sentiment Analysis

Extending the facial recognition feature, an AI TV can also register its user’s sentimental flow as exhibited by the change in facial expressions. For instance, you’ve come back home from your office in the evening and exhaustion is written all over your face. You sit on your comfy living room couch and turn on the TV. Its AI machine learning technology will scan your facial sentiment using its built-in front camera and automatically plays something light and funny for you, as a cure for that tiredness. How cool is that?!

Potential Security Risks

Everything connected to the internet is arguably under the risk of being hacked. This is a fact. The unbounded freedom of the internet does come with these side effects. Whether it’s your workplace IoT or your smart AI TV. Such a television, which analyses personalized user data to this extent, raises some concerns about the security and privacy of the residents. Hackers could easily break into the home network, release malware in the devices and change your settings remotely, unless a good cybersecurity guarantee is given by the companies. Something to keep in mind.

So, as we can see, enough hype has been created around an AI TV. Let’s just hope that its performance exceeds expectations.

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