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Are Automatic Watches Worth It?

Automatic watches are regarded as a classic accessory and a valuable timepiece. As technology continues to develop, opting for smartwatches is more favored by many due to their numerous capabilities. 

However, some automatic watches’ attributes may still convince you to conclude that owning one is still worth it. If you’re looking for some of the best automatic watches on the market, Time Machine Geek compares different models with reviews.

Mechanism of Automatic Watches

Before we enumerate the qualities of automatic watches, let’s learn first how it works.

Automatic watches can function without the use of any electric sources. They are known as “self-winding” watches because they wind themselves using the energy stored inside a weight referred to as a rotor.

Whenever its wearers move their arm or wrist, this part will spin. This manufactured energy will power the watch and keep it running. The stored energy from the rotor can power an unworn automatic watch for up to 72 hours.

Let’s enumerate and learn about the core parts of automatic watches.


The rotor is a half-circle-shaped metal weight linked to the movement and can freely swing when the wearer’s wrist moves. When there is wrist motion, the rotor transmits power to the mainspring and twists it, where the energy is stored.

Once the mainspring is completely wound, a clutch connected to the rotor engages. This clutch restricts the rotor from further winding the mainspring.


The primary source of power for automatic movements is this coiled metal piece, called the mainspring. It can store energy by clamping the spring with kinetic energy generated by winding the rotor, and it will consistently release strength as it unwinds.

The capability to store the energy of the mainspring may differ. As mentioned earlier, an unworn watch can function for up to three days, but some premium models can retain power for 10 days.

Gear Train

The mainspring’s stored energy is allowed to pass through the gear train. It is a series of small internal gears that moves the watch hands and other components of the watch face.


The crown is the button you see on the automatic watch’s side. When it is pushed in or pulled out, you’re able to wind the watch manually.

Reversing Mechanism

This part is between the rotor and its equipment. It consists of two wheels, each consisting of a top and bottom disc linked together by a springless pawl. Unclicking the wheels is its primary function, and it depends on the rotational direction.


Regarded as the system’s internal brake for automatic watches, the escapement plays a critical role. It ensures energy is distributed evenly at different times.

Advantages of Automatic Watches

Worth is often determined by how the buyer values the qualities of a certain item. To answer the question “Are automatic watches worth it?”, let’s see their most notable attributes.

Battery Not Required

Batteries are not necessary for automatic watches to continue functioning. You will never experience replacing batteries whenever the watch stops working. Also, the risk of battery fluid leakage that can contaminate the clock mechanism or roast internal metal parts is essentially eliminated. 

Obviously, without the need for a replacement battery, the cost of wearing your watch gets reduced, regardless of the cost.


Concerning the actual time, a standard automatic watch will have more or less 25 seconds differential. If you use your watch more of as an accessory, this level of accuracy is more than enough.

However, if your job is in the security, military, law enforcement, or medical field, you may have to make some adjustments because every second is important.


Automatic watches will significantly last longer than their quartz-powered and smartwatch counterparts.

Battery use increases the likelihood that the mechanism will accumulate dust, rust, and leakage, but automatic watches are free of such circumstances. That doesn’t mean these watches are entirely immune from wear and tear effects. Even automatic watches will not have the chance to restart properly if left for an extremely long time.

The difference is that it is easier to fix a stopped self-winding reload than to reload stopped quartz. In most cases, an interrupted automatic watch normally only needs new oiling of components.

Premium Looks

Automatic watches are more than a means of telling time as they are also fashionable accessories that can elevate your outfit style. The classic, sophisticated craftmanship built into automatic watches far surpassed many standard quartz and smartwatches on the market.

Many models of automatic timepieces are considered luxury items, which solidifies their eye-catching properties. Rolex is the established leader in this topic as the brand has a jaw-dropping collection of watches that symbolize style and status.

Owning an Automatic Watch Is Worth It

Automatic watches in the past may have the notion that it is only for collectors and affluent individuals. That may have been true since they are usually more expensive than battery-powered watches.

Still, if you have the means to purchase one, having an automatic watch is worth it. It can be a form of investment, a symbol of success, an emblem for a celebration, or an heirloom.

Considering these functions, it would be hard to argue the value presented by automatic watches.

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