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Scrap Fabric Wreath Tutorial

Scrap Fabric Wreath Tutorial


I’m in LOVE with this wreath. My husband would have to disagree. He just thinks it’s plain wierd. Never the less, come December, it’s for sure going to be adorning our door. To me, it looks like something to could grace the pages of Potter Barn kids. I just Love their appliqued stockings and ribbon ornaments. However, unlike Pottery Barn, this project definitely won’t break the bank.

I started with a $3.99 18″ grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby (and that’s without a coupon)


Everything else I needed, I already had at home – fabric scraps, brads, and hot glue.

To get started, I traced some of my measuring cups on the fabric scraps. I doubled up the fabric to make the cutting go faster. I was able to get everything cut out while watching “So you Think you can dance” last night – LOVE that show.


Then I layered them up and added some scrapbooking brads I have in my collection. I didn’t even close the backs of the brads-just left them pointy.


That’s where the hot glue came in. I put a generous dot of hot glue right over the point of the brad and then stuck them in the grapevine wreath.


A few glue sticks later, I ended up with this.


SOOOO fun huh? I looped it with a ribbon and tried it out on my front door.


Don’t worry, it’s not still hanging out there. I may LOVE Christmas, but I do try to contain myself a little bit.


The best part…this huge wreath that I simply adore, cost me a whopping $4.00!