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A Guide to Dressing With Authenticity in Mind

In today’s modern world of fast fashion, finding an authentic style can feel like an uphill challenge. Too many stores offer cheap items which have been made quickly and are quicker to fall apart, meaning you need to replace them often. However, an authentic style takes into account iconic items, which are built to last. It also accounts for your individual sense of style, allowing you to express yourself clearly and confidently. If you’re looking to dress with authenticity in mind, follow the steps below.

How to Develop Your Authentic Style

Being authentic means being true to yourself. This mantra is key when developing your sense of style. Why wear fast fashion if it doesn’t make you feel unique and confident? There are specific rules to remember when trying to create an authentic style for yourself, including:

  • Wear Your Favorite Colors: Who said fashion must be monochrome to make a statement? If wearing bright blue makes you happy, incorporate it into your daily style, and you’ll always leave the house feeling fantastic.
  • Experiment: Experimenting with different colors and items is a vital way to learn what you like and what you feel looks good. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the stranger you pass on the street thinks you look good (although it’s always a nice feeling). How you feel is critical to your confidence and comfort.
  • Allow Yourself To Be Inspired: While authenticity is about being yourself, don’t shy away from finding inspiration wherever you may be. If you see a different hair color in a magazine, don’t be afraid to try it and see how it helps you express yourself.

3 Key Pieces for Your Closet

Once you find your style, what items should you add to your closet? There are a variety of pieces which will look great year after year and will help your personality shine.

  1. Iconic Coat: With the Fall/Winter season only around the corner, summer is one of the best times to snap up a classic coat, one which will stand the test of time. In order to purchase a coat to see you through season after season, choose wisely and choose high quality.  Gloverall, for example, is a well-respected British brand which provides beautiful, handcrafted garments, including their much-loved duffle coat.
  2. Shoes: What you wear to walk around in daily will have a significant impact on your overall comfort and style. We’re all familiar with the pain of tight shoes, so for this particular item, always choose quality over quantity. A closet full of shoes may be your dream, but if none of them fit well or hurt too much, they’ll sit there, unworn and useless.
  3. Accessories: Accessories can make or break an outfit, but even more so when you’re developing your individual style. Focus on colors and items which help you stand out in all the right ways. Statement earrings are a great way to express yourself. If you wear glasses, take the time to find a style which suits your face shape.

Final Thoughts

Authenticity in the digital era is key to expressing yourself. When the world is full of fast fashion, choosing iconic, timeless items will help your personality shine year after year, with pieces built to last.