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6 Occasions Where Superglue Might Save the Day

There are times when something breaks or tears that you really didn’t want to break or tear. Depending on what has broken, this can be both depressing and distressing, and at the very least brings a cloud over your day.

Fear not, however, as other than a broken heart, a good superglue can fix almost anything. As such, keeping a tube around the house is an excellent idea. It can be argued that this should be part of an emergency toolset.

So let’s look at circumstances where superglue may save the day and why the superglue market is worth more than $100m annually.

1 Fixing Handles

Whether mounted to a drawer or a cup, superglue can put the handle back where it should be. As superglue is a cyanoacrylate adhesive, they react very well when they come into contact with water, including moisture in the air.

Providing you chose a strong superglue, some are purpose-built for specific jobs, then you should save the day and have a useable handle once more.

2 Preventing Fabric Tears Getting Worse

Tear a sweater or nylons, and you know it is only downhill from there as the run gets worse and worse.

Do not fear, a timely application of superglue stops the run in its tracks and gives you time to make a better repair. Isn’t superglue wonderful?

3 Repairing Vinyl

Vinyl is a material that is used in the home a lot. The chances are there is a fair amount of it in your house and car. It can rip and on these occasions, superglue can come in, be applied, and save the day. Again, you now have the time to make a better repair should you need to.

4 Keep a Tube in the Car

Your car can benefit significantly from a tube in the glove box. Your trusty superglue can handle loose mirrors, cracked lights, tears in fabric, anything that requires a quick fix.

5 Kid’s Projects

Anyone with a school-age child will at some point or another need to glue something to something. From almost day one, kids are taught to express their arts and craft side. As they get older, and the
projects get more ambitious sooner or later, you’ll be wishing you had something like a glue that was super to step in and save the day.

It is not just school projects where superglue ensures that everything stays on that cardboard box. Halloween is a time when superglue is needed like never before. Sticking a fairy wing or a witches hat together so your kids can go out and enjoy trick or treating.

6 Emergency DIY

Superglue can be used to make a temporary emergency repair. Say something goes wrong in the bathroom late at night, you might need superglue to prevent flooding or keep equipment working until you can shop to make that much-needed repair.

Superglue is brilliant for so many things, ensure you get a tube and keep it handy. It can save the day and keep the clouds at bay.

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