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The Ultimate Packing Guide For Your First Caravan Holiday

Are you considering caravanning for your next holiday? Caravan holiday undoubtedly promises a holiday filled with bonding moments, unparalleled fun and lessons for life. Whether you are undertaking a solo adventure or going with the whole family, caravanning is an experience encompassing all kinds of travelers.

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Travelling, especially family trips can be quite stressful. To prevent carvanning from ending up in chaos, it is essential to pack smartly.

Weather-appropriate clothes

Thinking of a seaside town you might be tempted to fill your bags with flowy dresses, swimsuits and shorts. But weather can be unpredictable and you should be prepared for it. Pack for a range of weather, including coats for when it gets chilly.

Apart from this, take sun hats for everyone and umbrellas for rainy days.

Stock-up snacks

Children reach peak fussiness when they are hungry. It’s wise to stock-up on snacks to contain any hunger-induced meltdowns. Some things you should definitely pack include cereal bars, chocolate bars, crisps, teas and instant meals.

Buying and packing your own snacks and meals ahead of time will save you from spending at outrageously priced restaurants.

Safety equipment

Holidaying in a caravan is rather different from a conventional hotel getaway. There isn’t a hotel staff to take care of any middle-of-the-night emergencies. Take that into account and equip your caravan with some necessary safety equipment. A fire extinguisher and a first aid box with medicines and plasters are a must.

Cords and chargers

Make a list of all the electronics you are carrying such as phones, iPads, laptops and cameras. Make sure you pack their respective cords and chargers. It would be a bummer if you miss-out on a Instagram-worthy sunset because your camera ran out of battery.

Also, it’s quite useful to take an extension cord with you.


Power cuts can happen anytime, anywhere. It wouldn’t be easy to pacify the young ones with no power. Take a couple of torches to be prepared for such situations. Remember to test them out beforehand to ensure they work properly.


You should keep a few basic tools handy for any minor issues. You don’t want to rummage through a crammed toolbox if there is a water leak.

Gaffer tape is a godsend. From holding together a broken shoe to securing loose cables, it’s so versatile.

Cleaning supplies and rubbish bags

Sadly there is no cleaning staff to clean your caravan everyday, and children can be quite messy. You should pack everything from toilet chemicals to kitchen rolls and baby wipes. Rubbish bags are key to keep the mess to a minimum.


The toiletries you pack depends on the needs of you and your family. But one thing you should absolutely not forget is sunscreen. No one wants to spend a lovely day on the beach and come back home with jarring sunburns.


Don’t forget to take your camera to capture your caravan debut. Apart from the obvious digital camera, get a couple of disposable cameras. These inexpensive cameras are the best for rough terrains and produce some fantastic photos. Also, remember to get a few extra memory cards and film rolls.

Extra batteries

Always carry extra batteries for everything that requires batteries- power banks, camera batteries, torch batteries and so on.


Don’t completely rely on the caravan park to keep you kids occupied and entertained. Carry some enjoyable board games that you and your family can indulge in when it’s pouring outside.

Caravaning is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hopefully, your first caravaning holiday goes flawlessly!

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