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Winter Recipes for Your Pizza Oven

We are all used to having cookouts during the summer, and when winter comes along, we get couped up in the house trying to keep warm. But what if winter was still as fun as the summer season by doing a few things differently. We have to agree best pizzas are made from a wood-fired oven, nice and warm with that smoky taste in every bite. Now, if you have one in your backyard, there is nothing more delicious than a homemade pizza and delicious that you can enjoy in your home with family and friends. If you don’t have a wood-fired oven in your backyard, it’s about time you got one as there is a lot you are missing out on. These are the yummy recipes you could be making with pizza ovens

Straightforward recipes you must try.

  • Focaccia Bread

There is nothing like fresh warm bread straight from the oven; the smell immediately makes your tastebuds dance, offering such a hearty treat for your family and friends to enjoy. Since we are not just making no ordinary bread, the fluffiness that this focaccia bread offers is mind-blowing due to the aromatic herbs incorporated, some garlic and sea salt to provide you with the best flavours. 

  • Some roasted potatoes flavoured with rosemary.

There is no winter hangout without some delicious potatoes. Take your roasted potatoes a step further by flavouring them with some fresh rosemary, drizzle some animal fat, like pork or duck fat, a dash of salt and pepper. For sure, this combination offers a punch of flavour. We like the wood-fired ovens because of the extra texture and flavour it gives meals, so your potatoes will be fluffy on the inside and have a crisp flavour on the outside. Now, if you top this with whipped cream garnished with a few scallions, you will immediately wow your guests.

  • Ricotta pizza with sausage

What is a wood-fired oven good for if we don’t make some delicious pizza. And since you are making it at home you can personalise it as you like, top your pizza with something different not the typical sausages, how about some lamb, onions, cheese. If you want it extra cheesy, add mozzarella for the extra chewiness and parmesan to offer a burst of flavour in every bite. 

  • Baked brie

There is nothing better than cheese for those cold afternoons. So let’s make some tenderising appetisers, grab your puff pastry, wrap it around your brie, you could add some jam or whatever you like to give it that personal touch. The oven will make the outside nice and crispy, with the inside warm and gooey. What can be better than this?


Wood-fired ovens have made it very easy to cook up tasty meals for the family. It takes little effort from you just pick two or three ingredients, combine and throw them in the oven. It cooks it perfectly, nice and soft inside with an added crispy touch and authentic flavouring.