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Should You Invest in Crypto?

There has been a lot of news around investment options throughout the start of 2021 as retail trading and crypto options have been in and out of the news for months – much of the news has come from different swings in pricing as news has led to big ups and downs for the markets concerned, but it has also raised another question particularly around crypto and whether or not the current risks and uncertainty make it a worthwhile investment. So, should you invest in crypto this year?

For the bigger coins, it’s always a difficult choice – the cost to enter the investment options for these are now much higher as Bitcoin was able to top $60,000 earlier this year before dropping back down once more, and whilst options for payment remain limited largely to large gaming services as some can be found here, and the promise to find other mainstream usage through links to the like of Tesla crumbled following some environmental concerns that surround different crypto options. With the current crackdown in China on bitcoin too, and the possibility of changing regulations within Europe to make transfers of coins more public with names and addresses attached, it’s a market that doesn’t resemble what it once was, and a distance away from what the initial hope for decentralised currencies would be.

Smaller coins are a big gamble too, the like of Dogecoin saw a huge rise earlier in the year largely as a response to what was happening with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but would quickly drop in price afterwards once the hype died down shortly after and other smaller coins whilst would generate a little hype would see the price move barely enough to consider picking it up – even with expert warnings suggesting that getting involved in these new start emerging coins could be quite dangerous as little regulation wouldn’t protect you if something were to change quickly.

The crypto markets remain extremely volatile and are becoming more uncertain by the day with the current crackdown and changes each day, and with the co-founder of Ethereum leaving due to security concerns there’s perhaps more uncertainty in cryptocurrency than there has been for a long time – if you have money to spare and are confident in the future of crypto then it’s certainly a market that can have great long term returns and still remains something many investors remain confident in, but if it’s something you’re not too experienced with and recent news has you worried, perhaps it’s better to wait until things stabilise even just a little, and the potential future for the market becomes more clear as further changes are made and expectations become more realised.