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Bridal Jewellery to Truly Cherish for Life

A woman should never feel more beautiful than on her wedding day. A vision to behold, the Sybarite bride is poised, yet does not shy away from commanding attention. She is graceful, yet playful. Coy, yet bold.

Each of our bridal pieces has been created with the Sybarite bride in mind, designed to embody the dizzying emotions felt on her big day in their understated grandeur. Our signature expert craftsmanship ensures each piece will last as long as your love, being passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom imbued with the grand romance of your wedding day.

For bridal jewellery to truly cherish for life, look no further than Sybarite,


The Sybarite Dandelion Tiara is our standout bridal piece. A delicate smattering of dandelion heads reimagined in fine 18k white gold is the perfect headpiece for even the most discerning of brides. Precious South Sea pearl, cultivated over years in nature, is complemented by dazzlingly clear diamonds.

The design process, from first sketch to exacting metalworking and stone setting, takes many months. Each step is a labour of love, to ensure the wearer feels more beautiful than ever before at the most romantic moment of her life.

Sceptre Collection

A classic Sybarite design, the Sceptre collection is a combination of fine materials and expert craftsmanship. Centred around the sophistication of a perfectly formed pearl, each piece in this collection celebrates understated elegance. Inspired by the ultimate symbol of sovereignty, the sceptre, every woman deserves to feel like royalty on her big day.

From delicate, dainty pearl drop earrings to a bolder, diamond string pearl drop set—there’s something for everyone, from a demure blushing bride to the most audacious of newlyweds.

Little Treasures

For the most minimal of brides, the Sybarite Little Treasures collection brings contemporary design and subtle silhouettes. Designed to complement and enhance your bridal look rather than command it, this collection is rooted in feminine contours and a fine finish.

Adding that inimitable Sybarite touch to the most classic of styles, each piece is crafted from fine 18k gold and set with diamonds of the utmost clarity for a piece that’s special enough for the most exceptional of days.