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Have You Ever Wondered: Why People Play Mobile Games?

Today, most gaming apps are seemingly designed to lure people’s attention and cut them off from the outside world. Mobile games are undoubtedly intriguing and additive that these can keep anyone hooked for hours. But have you ever wondered the actual reasons that keep people all-engaged in mobile games? And why do they even play games in the first place? Here are three significant reasons:

#1. To kill time

This has to be the number one reason why most people play mobile games. Increasing access to high-speed internet and a growing supply of budgeted smartphones makes games available right at the comforts of a few clicks. So these can conveniently be played anywhere, at any time, with or without internet connectivity. Plus, these are an excellent source of daily entertainment.

#2. To relieve stress

Besides all other reasons, this one has a much deeper connection with people playing games. Mobile games put people in an altogether different mindset. They feel more relaxed, engaged, focused, and happy despite playing those sanity-stretching puzzles or action games that are designed to stress the player but somewhat of a positive kind that gamers seem to enjoy. Women and old-age players too feel more in the zone when playing games than using social networking apps. Gaming instills more positive emotions with all those graphics and music and helps people rewind and recharge. There’s a sense of purpose and accomplishment with each level one undertakes. Players lose track of time and instead only focus on the pleasure they gain out of the activity. It’s like a meditative experience to improve one’s mood.

#3. To boost problem-solving skills

If not as a pastime or for a better mood, several people play games to develop their problem-solving skills. This is especially true with puzzle games that demand more focus and ability to solve the challenges. A game like a jigsaw puzzle, for example, is particularly geared towards learning. One learns to adopt different strategies to put the pieces together either through trial and error or through pattern recognition.

With regular practice, they get more patient and better at determining innovative solutions to the problems. Eventually, the problem-solving process even accelerates. People get confident in their convictions. Intentionally or unintentionally, they gain so many benefits through something that they may have just started as a hobby.

Mobile game applications come wrapped in complex layers beneath simplicity; all very appealing characteristics. Every person can have his/ her reason as to why they love playing games. But in the end, it’s the connection these games create with a person that adds to their appeal and urges people to play.