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How To Commemorate Your New Graduate

Graduation season may look different this year, as it did last year. Sadly, many high schools and colleges across the United States postponed or called off commencement ceremonies because of the current COVID-19 health crisis. For many high school or college seniors who graduated in 2020 or will be graduating this year, this means they won’t have the chance to walk across the stage and receive their hard-earned diploma or degree and celebrate with classmates, family, and friends at a party or a restaurant.

While graduation ceremonies are traditional celebrations designed to acknowledge students and their achievements, there are other ways you can recognize the hard work, late nights, and early mornings of a graduate you know and honor them for it. Listed below are ways to commemorate a new graduate.

Host a virtual graduation party.

Cancelations of commencement events may keep students from having the graduation they always envisioned, but it doesn’t have to stop the celebrations completely. Families and friends can adapt to the ‘new normal’ and host a socially distant graduation party instead of going to dinner or hosting a large gathering. Convening over a computer screen may be bittersweet for some graduates and families, but it’s a way of showing support to graduates and giving them the recognition they deserve. Don’t limit your virtual party to commemorating the end of a graduate’s high school or undergraduate career—use the party as a time to congratulate a new graduate on any upcoming plans to pursue an advanced degree like a master’s degree or doctoral degree, or gain work experience.

For instance, a bachelor’s degree recipient in Cincinnati may have spent their junior and senior years searching the web for professional experiences and online programs at the graduate degree level, as having an entire program online provides a flexible format for getting a graduate degree. Individuals who aspire to be MBA students and seek specializations in business law, business administration, and entrepreneurship, but want to study as off-campus students because of COVID-19, may search for business schools with online programs. While many graduate programs require students to take the GMAT, some offer waivers for these test scores. Prospective students who are curious about forgoing the GMAT requirement may search the web using the terms ‘MBA online no GMAT‘ to find an excellent online degree program that doesn’t require them to take the GMAT or report their GMAT scores. This search may generate results about the top online MBA programs, enabling students to check program start dates and admissions requirements like a personal statement, transcripts, letters of recommendation, high school GPA, undergraduate GPA, GRE scores, or GMAT scores.

By submitting an online application early and using any applicable waivers, specifically a GMAT waiver or GRE waiver, prospective online students could receive notification about their enrollment status into an MBA program soon enough to be able to share the good news with friends and family during the virtual party.

Have a photoshoot for family and friends

Scheduling a graduation photoshoot is another way to commemorate your student. It gives family members and friends the chance to participate in commencement-related activities and gives students a reason to put on their cap and gown. Consider getting personalized picture frames for your student’s favorite photos to ultimately turn the images you take into framed prints for your graduate’s dorm and your home. Custom frames and framed art prints are stylish, unique ways for you and the student you know to commemorate this significant life event.

Present your new graduate with a gift for their achievements

Graduation is a significant occasion that students achieve after years of hard work, dedication, and focus. It can be fitting for graduates to receive gifts with a substantial value that reflect their accomplishments, such as high-quality timepieces and jewelry. You could purchase new jewelry pieces or a new watch suited to your graduate’s style and preferences in accessories. It could also be a great idea to pass down accessories like vintage diamond or pearl bracelets or luxurious collectible watches that have been in your family for generations. Such possessions would not only have high monetary value, but they’d also have great sentimental value.

If you have jewelry pieces or timepieces that need repairs, consider taking them to an expert jeweler. You may find skilled professionals who provide the best jewelry repair services onsite at pawn shops, as these businesses typically handle jewelry sales and loans. For instance, the perfect solution for repairing luxurious items for San Francisco residents is visiting the best pawn shop of all San Francisco pawn shops—the Maxferd brand shop. This brand is the country’s longest-operated and oldest pawn brand in the nation. Maxferd offers collateral loans for watches, jewelry, and other collectible items at reasonable prices and the nation’s lowest interest rates. This reputable pawn shop can be the perfect solution for having your jewelry and timepieces repaired, guaranteeing these gifts will be in an excellent, high-quality condition when given to new graduates.

Commemorating your new graduate may take more creativity and time this year compared to in the past. Still, it’s worth it to explore creative options for celebrating a graduate’s commencement and providing them with a memorable experience they’ll always cherish.

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