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Ever Heard of Progressive Jackpots? Microgaming’s WowPot Available on Frank Casino

Even regular slot games can indeed have jackpots. But have you ever wondered what the difference between a classic jackpot slot game and a progressive jackpot is? 

We’re here to explain how those two differ, how the progressive jackpots work and tell you more about Microgaming’s WowPot progressive jackpot. Finally, we will shed some light on the special tournament organized by Frank Casino that features the game provider’s iconic slot games. 

So, what’s the difference?

The amount that can be won in regular jackpot slots is fixed and is worth a certain number of times your bet amount. Therefore, in this case, the jackpot amount depends entirely on the bet amount that you, as a player, had placed at the specific time you won the jackpot.

With progressive jackpots, the game is slightly different, as the jackpot amount is a product of a combined “effort” of all the people who choose to place bets on a specific progressive jackpot slot game. These players create an “imagined community” where they all share the same piggy bank and “stack” their money. However, only one of them will get to enjoy the perks of this combined effort. In other words, the more people bet, the bigger the prize!

How do progressive jackpots work?

It’s simple. In progressive jackpot slot games, a certain percentage of the bet amount that players place goes into the jackpot prize fund. Therefore, with every bet placed on the game, the jackpot gets bigger! 

The exciting thing about it is that it doesn’t matter which casino players choose to play the game. Each bet in any online casino of your choice feeds into the same pot!

What’s so special about Microgaming’s WowPot jackpot?

First of all, it has paid out €1.2 billion to date! Pretty impressive. As mentioned above, the prize you win with the progressive jackpots has nothing to do with your bet amount. This means that you could potentially hit a seven-figure jackpot by placing some cents on a qualifying game. 

The WowPot progressive jackpot contains four different prize pools — Mini, Minor, Major, and WowPot. The last one is seeded at €2,000,000, which we all have to agree is quite incredible! 

Another great thing about Microgaming’s WowPot jackpot is the fact that it features fantastic slot games. Whether it’s “Book of Atem,” “Sisters of Oz,” “African Legends,” or the more classical “Wheel of Wishes,” the process will be enjoyable for those who choose to place bets (and therefore contribute to the WowPot jackpot prize) on these Microgaming slots. 

Every game has a different logic in forming a winning combination to hit the jackpot. Therefore, make sure to head onto the dedicated page that explains the specifics and get more info on how to hit the jackpot in the game that interests you.

Frank Casino’s WowPot Tournament

As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter which casino you choose to play the progressive jackpot slot games by Microgaming. You can choose any casino you like where these games are available. However, suppose you decide Frank Casino, a reputable and licensed casino brand that opened its virtual doors to players back in 2014. In that case, you will find out that they have set up a special tournament in collaboration with the game provider.

The tournament is called WowPot Tournament, and it will run on https://frankcasino.com from April 10 till April 19. There will be €10,000 up for grabs, and the amount will be split between the 100 players who gather the most points throughout the tournament. 

To qualify, players will have to place eligible bets equal to or higher than €0,50 in the Microgaming slot games participating in the tournament. So, for instance, you can opt-in for one of the WowPot games, such as “Sisters of Oz WowPot,” or “Book of Atem WowPot” and the rest of the WowPot games as mentioned above, but also other Microgaming games such as “Kings of Cash,” “Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar,” “Tomb Raider” and so on. You can access the entire list of the qualifying games by visiting the relevant section dedicated to the tournament on the Frank Casino page. 

The tournament’s absolute leader will be winning €1,000, the second place will rake in €700, while the third place will get a total of €500. For a more detailed distribution of prizes, visit Frank Casino’s website.

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