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Putting Together the Perfect Family Dining Room – Tips and Tricks

Furnishing your home is always going to feel a little gruelling, no matter how many times you’ve done it or how much space you have to work with. You want to put together a space that’s full of personality, stylish and, above all else, actually functional. The key to achieving all this and more? Taking the time to follow professional pointers and giving yourself the room to experiment! Here are a few of the tips and tricks that you should follow to put together the perfect family dining room for you and your loved ones…

Measure, Measure and Measure Again

First things first, you’ll need to make your measurements – and make them meticulously. Measuring really is the key to great interior design, it might not be glamorous and lord knows it might not be fun, but it does get results, and that’s really what you’re looking for, so grab that tape and get going! Note down your numbers and bring them with you everywhere you go to ensure that you’re buying furniture that’s going to work with your space.

Think Through Your Floor Plan

Once you’ve got those dimensions down pat, you can start thinking about a floor plan. Again, you might not see them pondering over pieces of paper for hours on your favourite design shows, but in real life, this is what needs to be done. So, hunker down with a good old fashioned pencil and paper and sketch the room to scale to get toying around with different placements and furniture formations. Feeling a little more 21st Century? There are a tonne of different floor plan apps out there to download and fiddle with, check those out if paper isn’t really your thing.

Factor in Formality

The formality of your dining room is going to set the tone and determine the everyday function of your space. Casual dining areas are often shared with living spaces and kitchens, whilst semi-formal and formal eating spaces will usually have their very own dedicated room. Formal spaces use additional classic pieces such as sideboards and buffets and will often have plush upholstery on their chairs. Informal spaces will favour the sociability of a round dining table and lovely warming timber or other natural materials to set a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. Decide on whether you want a formal space for entertaining or a family space for eating before you start shopping.

Follow a Theme

Following a design theme is a fool proof way of putting together a stunning space. Categories such as minimalist, classic, mid century modern and french country are all a favourite for family dining rooms. Research into different aesthetics and pick the one that feels the most like you and your family.

Start with the Centrepiece

Whether you’re shopping for dining sets or you’re planning on purchasing your chair and tables separately, you should always start with the room’s centrepiece, which is the dining table. Remember that round and square shapes are best for intimate, cosy dining experiences whilst oval and rectangle are better for accommodating guests or bigger groups. The material will also really establish a style for the room, if you’re unsure opt for a classic worn timber, glass or metal to keep it natural and timeless. You can accessorise the room and switch out chairs to mix up the look and feel of the space as often as you like!

Relax and Take Your Time

Lastly, just try to relax and take your time. Furniture shopping is a tricky process, keep those numbers with you and your eye on the feel, look and tone you’re trying to set in your house when visiting Sydney based furniture stores and you won’t go too far wrong! Happy designing!