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The Top 7 Most Popular Things to See and Do in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Thinking already about planning your next vacation but don’t know where to go? With iconic high rises and skyscrapers, the United Arab Emirates has become quite popular and trendy when it comes to new places to visit and explore. Some of the most iconic pieces you might know UAE for are the Abu Dhabi’s modern Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.

This luxurious destination has everything from enormous shopping malls, beaches, desserts and huge buildings. This place has the best of both worlds, the outdoor experiences for nature lovers by adventuring into the desert’s sand dunes riding camels, to the city life for the urban people who like to visit skyscrapers, museums and shopping malls.

Considered one of the top luxury destinations, here are some of the reasons why your next trip should be here:

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

As mentioned previously, this mosque is one of the most breathtaking experiences you will have while visiting the United Arab Emirates. With its contemporary design and ancient handwork the mosque captivates the essence of the Islamic’s architecture. Aside from being a simple mosque you will be surprised by the lavish interiors with the use of gold and marble all around.

2. Louvre Abu Dhabi

A spectacular museum you will definitely want to stop to visit on your tip to the United Arab Emirates. This museum aside from being aesthetically beautiful inside and out, has also an enormous collection of history pieces from across the globe.

3. Al Ain

Also known as the Garden city of the Gulf, this place is recognized by being one of the greenest cities UAE. This place gives the impression of being in an oasis, filled with mountains all around and small houses in the interior.

4. Burj Khalifa

Known as one of the soaring skyscrapers in the world, this tower is a landmark of Dubai. Not only is it spectacular for its height, but it is said to be the highest building in the entire world, which obviously has the highest observation deck in the world as well. It’s panoramic view will definitely make your entire trip worth it. Don’t waste another minute. The flight booking process is as easy as can be. Start planning your vacation today!

5. Palm Islands

If you know anything about the UAE, you have probably seen a picture of the three Palm Islands in Dubai. This impressive design over the water has people from all over the world coming here to see this stunning infrastructure. Aside from being just buildings, there are tons of tourist spots here that you might want to check out.

6. Bastakia

This is on the side of Old Dubai that has been preserved for its beauty and as a part of the ancient heritage in this place. Bastakia is a small city outside of Dubai that has preserved all the history from this place as you will be able to admire all the beautifully preserved buildings in this place. Here you will find the typical Arabian vibe you have very much heard of.

7. Hajar Mountains

Taking a drive out from the city you will find the Hajar Mountains in the middle of the desert. With a spectacular scenery you will experience the desert like never before, by venturing into the tiny villages that live in there, hiking and exploring all the dry river valleys along the way.

Ready to plan your next vacation to the UAE? Start by searching for an Air Arabia ticket booking to find out which flights are currently available. You will not regret it. Experience the ancient Arabian culture to the maximum while also venturing through the modern and lavish infrastructures in the cities. You will not want to leave after visiting this place.