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It’s The Best View When Davao Soak In the Sun

Davao, with a population of 1,449,296, is the fourth most populous city of the Philippine and most populous city in the province of Mindanao. This city is the gateway of the Mindanao, one of the largest islands of the Philippine, and where Mt.Apo is situated. This young city was founded in 1936 but fuzzed with action-packed adventures, authentic artistic activities, and a nature-based voyage. The untamed, wild backdrop of this city, offers unlimited excitement and fun in pursuing trekking through the adventurous trail to the pinnacle of the Philippines’s highest peak. You may love to eat the famous pungent-smelling durian. But these are the tip of an iceberg.

Things to do in Davao

Cheap hotels in Davao are situated in the heart of the city. The ambiance of the hotels is quite good, with great staff. The rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable, and the tariff is reasonable. A small, cozy balcony is attached to the rooms, where you can look into the streets. Within walking distance from the hotels, you will find many shopping malls, restaurants, and ATMs.The foods are sumptuous. The internet speed of the Wi-Fi connection is up to standard, and the service comes as complementary.

Samal Island

Samal Island is only a stone throw distance from the city, only a 15 minutes boat ride. From the island, you can have out of this world sunrise and sunset views. The white sand beaches are heaven, who wants to lie under the sun. The resorts on the island offer adventure sport like; snorkeling, sea kayaking, and parasailing. The sea surrounding the island offers many marvelous dive sites suitable both for veterans and beginners. There are many beautiful coral reefs and unexplored marine lives to surprise you. Under 60 meters from the sea’s surface lies the wreck of Japanese ship Sagami Maru, which was destroyed by the American navy in World War II.

Mount Apo

Mount Apo throws the challenge to conquer her throughout the year, but it takes a lot of strength and courage to reach the summit. Cheap hotels at Davao arrange a four day trip to this mountain but keep your ears and eyes open to witness about 272 beautiful species of birds while climbing. On the second night, you will reach the top of the mountain, which is 2,954 meters or 9,691feet above sea level.

While you descend through the Kapatagan trail, the scenery changes from lush grassland to barren wasteland, and suddenly you behold dense forest again. There lot of sulfur in the air and on the ground, which reminds that Mount Apo is a dormant volcano, which can erupt when least expected.

Magsaysay fruit market

The Magsaysay fruit market is not very impressive at first glance, but here you can experience the exquisite fresh durian. To have all the experience and fun, you have to make your hand dirty literally. The vendor will crack open the fruit and ask you to put your hand inside the soft, creamy, buttery odoriferous fruit, to taste the fruit.

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