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Pole Saw Cutting Techniques


There are several types of saws, and a pole saw is the most versatile one. It might be trickier when operating the tool for the first time without any idea on the pole saw cutting techniques. Lack of knowledge may expose you to unwanted injuries and accidents during and after work. For such cases, this report is here for you shedding some light on critical techniques that you should consider when operating the equipment.

These techniques are not only helpful for your safety but also make work easier. For example, if you are cutting tree branches or limbs, you need to be keen to not interfere with the tree’s natural growth and healing process.

What is a pole saw

A pole saw is a powerful chainsaw featuring a bar. These equipment types are versatile as some of them operate using electricity, batteries, gas-powered, and petrol. Therefore, they could be a non-powered or a manual pole saw, and they are useful for a variety of tasks such as pruning and cutting higher branches.

They are handy tools for keeping your garden clean all the time. To know know more about pole saw you can visit The ToolsPick .

Let us check some of these cutting techniques for excellent shape.

Describe pole saw cutting techniques

Choosing a suitable pole saw

You need to get the best pole saw that can perfectly have your trimming job done. There are many types of equipment in the market for the same purpose and similar features that might confuse you. Depending on the height of the branches you want to trim, you should be careful when choosing an appropriate tool. More so, try to consider the machine’s weight and that of the limbs or branches you want to cut.

It is advisable to go for lightweight pole saws to hold it without any hassle and make work easier. If you consider this technique, you will accomplish the cutting job on time. Moreover, this equipment’s lightweight feature is for maneuverability; carrying and moving around with the machine will be easy.

Preparing yourself

Before kicking off the trimming job, consider your safety first. Pamper yourself so to avoid unnecessary injuries and accidents. Some of these safety measures are to wear gloves, work boots, hard hats, and goggles for eye protection. Another useful thing under this technique is to keep away anything like pets and people from your working area.

Inspecting your pole saw

This is a fundamental technique that you should not jump. Some people forget this step and end up with disappointments while working. Therefore, before you kick off the process, check the machine accurately, ensuring it is in good working condition. This involves looking for damages and ensuring that its cutting blade is ok.

Furthermore, you may lubricate the adjusting joint for smooth running; this will guarantee you excellent results. More so, make sure the blood is sharp to enable you to cut the branches easily.

Holding your pole saw carefully

This technique involves holding the equipment with both your hands. It is more challenging to use the tool with a single hand because it is long. Using two hands can prevent unwanted accidents from occurring. Therefore, try as much as possible to balance it for a safe grip.

Positioning yourself

Standing posture is another useful cutting technique while using a pole saw that requires you to be firm. Maintaining a good posture is advisable because the tool involves a moving blade—failure to do that a tree branch may hit you after cutting. Therefore, remember to hold the machine’s handle below your shoulder.

Secure branch collars

A branch collar is that part of a tree responsible for carrying the lateral branch’s weight. Interfering with the branch collar may pose damages to the entire structure of your tree. Doing so may also expose the tree to insects and diseases.

Therefore, you should be keen to identify your tree’s branch collar before cutting the branches. Remember, trimming the tree’s collar branch may kill the entire tree. So if you have any doubt about the position of the collar branch, revise the tree species.


Cutting is another crucial technique that it thought you should know. While cutting, don’t forget to make a groove on the branch before making a deeper cut above cut. If the attachment you want to cut off is massive, begin reducing its weight by cutting its sub-branches. If it gets light, work on it.

It’s advisable to start cutting the lower branches to give you a clear view and path to the upper limbs. Also, when making, groove, strokes should be at a lower speed before full speed. Doing so will make the job under your control as well as making the trimming game easier.

Under this technique, it is advisable to position yourself in the opposite place of the cutting branch.

Winding your cutting job

Now that the cutting task is over take your machine and move away to wait for other weak branches to fall.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with an appropriate pole saw?

It is advisable to go for appropriate and lightweight pole saws to allow you to hold it without any hassle and make work easier. Moreover, the light feature of these equipment types is maneuverability; carrying and moving around with the machine will be easy.

What is the safety measure before using a pole saw?

Before you start the trimming job, try to consider your safety first. Some of these safety measures are to wear gloves, work boots, hard hats, and goggles for eye protection. Pamper yourself so to avoid unnecessary injuries and accidents.


To wind up, you will have to agree with me that pole saws are handy tools that garden owners should have or else hire to keep their compound neat. It is advisable to know some pole saw cutting techniques for smooth trimming tasks. Using this type of saws to cut branches might seem complicated, but you will work like a pro with this useful guide.

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