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Blue Cabinet Trend: How to Make It Work for You

Colored, and specifically blue, cabinetry is one of the top ten design trends for 2019, according to Elle Decor. From the palest sky blue to the deepest navy and everywhere in between, renovators are dipping their toes into the blue cabinet pool, growing this trend rapidly. Blue cabinets can be used in your kitchen or your bathroom, and they are equally calming in both spaces. Whether you use it as an accent or go super bold, there is a way to incorporate this trend for every home style.

Planning Your Renovation

Before you bring blue cabinets into your home, you must plan your renovation and its budget in detail. First, you’ll have to decide what space or spaces you are going to renovate. Some people take on an entire home at once, and some do one room at a time. Often, this will be decided by your budget, so you’ll need to decide what that will be. If you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you can often recoup much of your expenditures back when you sell your home. You should keep in mind, however, that home renovations are for you, and though you should keep resale in the back of your mind, it shouldn’t outweigh your own desires.

The most important thing to consider is what doesn’t work in your space. Are you lacking storage? Do you hate having to face a wall while washing dishes? Can you just not seem to come up with a convenient way to store your spices? These are all things to take into account when planning your own cabinetry, or when speaking to a professional who is helping you. And while you are thinking about what doesn’t work, make sure you also think about what does. If you love your floor-to-ceiling pantry, make sure you incorporate one in your new kitchen. If the open shelving in your bathroom is the perfect storage for extra towels, don’t get rid of that feature.

For The Timid

Now that you’ve figured out the bones you need, you can get to work figuring out the best blue for you. If a bold, ultra-trendy space isn’t your cup of tea, you can incorporate blue cabinets in a more subtle way. Blue cabinet accents, rather than an entire blue kitchen, can bring in a pop of color and a different feel than the stark white-on-white-on-white kitchens that have trended for so long. 

A popular place to try a colored cabinet is on your kitchen island, leaving the perimeter cabinets white or wood toned. If you have an isolated space, such as a large window flanked by smaller upper cabinets on a wall of their own, that could be a great place to introduce a new color. In addition to using blue on only one or a few cabinets, you could use blue cabinets everywhere, but in a soft, pastel blue that gives just a hint of color. This is a great choice if you’re thinking of bringing blue into a bathroom that doesn’t get much (or any) natural light.

For The Brave

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take the plunge, there are a variety of blue colors you can introduce that will feel more subtle when used in an entire kitchen, like anything in the slate family with heavy gray undertones. You can also try a tuxedo kitchen, which is typically black or dark brown base cabinets with white upper cabinets. Try it with blue base cabinets to add the color but keep the space feeling open and airy. This is a good option for darker or smaller kitchens.

If you’re ready to commit but the kitchen feels too daring, you can put a beautiful blue vanity cabinet in a bathroom. A bathroom is a great place to be bold and daring in your design choices, as it typically will be segregated from the rest of your house and therefore does not inform design choices elsewhere. Blue is also a very serene color, so if you’re looking for a spa-like feel for your space, blue could do the trick.

For The Valiant

If you are ready to go all in on the latest trend, think about a complete set of kitchen cabinets in navy, or even royal or cornflower blue. Depending on the amount of natural light in your kitchen, you can choose dark countertops and backsplash to go for a moody feel, with metal accents for interest. If you don’t get as much light, white countertops and backsplash create a beautiful contrast and a crisp, nautical vibe. For an ultra on-trend design, choose brass cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting, which will pop next to your blue cabinets and have your friends and neighbors talking about how style-savvy you are.

However you decide to use blue cabinetry in your home remodel, know that your remodel will be fresh and on-trend. And unlike bolder, less versatile colors, blue is classic and clean and will be beautiful for years to come. Now that you feel comfortable with blue cabinets, look around for more home decor trends in which you can participate and make your home uniquely you and extremely stylish all at once.