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Top Reasons to Study Machine Learning in 2019

Machine learning is a data analysis process and is useful in automating any process in a quick way. It saves humans time and energy for doing more complicated tasks. It is regarded as a branch of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is growing rapidly in recent years because it combines AI, computer programing and business all at one platform.

It is being used in almost every type of industry like manufacturing, retail, life sciences, financial markets, etc. It is considered a key to unlock the importance of data of any business approving decisions to make the company stand ahead of its competitors.

Machine Learning Careers in 2019

Machine learning is the most in-demand skill in 2019. Almost every industry is looking for AI and ML experts. So there is a bright figure and bulk opportunities on this domain. It has become the backbone of every industry to improve its profitability. According to popular job portals, machine learning jobs are increasing steadily since 2014.

Top Reasons to study machine learning

Here are some solid reasons why you should adopt machine learning as a career.

1 Better Career Opportunities

According to Gartner report AI and machine learning field expected to offer around 2.4 million opportunities by 2020. Job vacancies in this field have also doubled during the last three years.
Machine learning engineers, software engineers, and data scientist jobs are high in demand. Due to its recurring demand in every field, the handsome paychecks and rewarding career are waiting for machine learners. It is a clear fact that very soon machines are going to take over everyday life.

So the opportunities for AI aspirants are plenty. Machine learning engineers who have extensive knowledge of software, natural language processing, and AI tools are highly paid.

2 High salaries

Machine learning engineers are highly paid. Not only experts but even newbies are receiving attractive salaries. A machine learning engineer earns almost $144,794 per year.

3 Demand on the rise

The demand for machine learning engineers is on the rise since 2014. LinkedIn has reported that the number of machine learning engineering job postings are continuously increasing. Almost all leading companies are planning to implement artificial intelligence technology so machine learning engineers are always in hot demand.

4 Machine learning for business

Machine learning is used by all big companies and enterprises around the world for analyzing customer behavior and increasing customer base. For this process, Machine learning algorithms are used to increase product sales. In large product records, Machine learning is used to point out the hidden patterns and categorize similar things at a place. These products are then suggested to clients.

5 For improving Sales

Machine learning engineers are capable of turning a huge amount of data into organized data to extract useful information. They analyze customers behavior and suggest changes to boost sales.
Machine learning engineers use ML models for making image recognition software. In retail companies, it is useful for companies to find out the exact product from various product inventories.
Marketers face many problems in customers segmentation and value prediction. They had a large volume of data from different resources like web visitors etc. Machine learning skill can be helpful in predicting incentives and making individual marketing offers.

6 For Data Analysis

Many organizations are facing problems in data duplication and inaccuracy. Machine learning engineers can adopt a specific space in data analyzing assistance. It can be helpful in minimizing the risks regarding manual data entry and it can save much time by automating the data entry process.

7 Financial Assistant

Detecting any fraud in a company is a serious issue. It’s a big hurdle in a company’s reputation. Using a manual system for keeping a check on fraud hacks is not only costly but also time-consuming. It is also not one hundred percent foolproof. Machine Learning engineers help out in this matter. A machine learning expert is capable of detecting fraud in large volume data by using cognitive computing technology.

8 Medical

If you are working in the medical and healthcare field then Machine learning studies would be very beneficial for you. Machine learning models are the best options for managing and organizing huge medical data. Machine learning is used in the diagnosis of diseases, treatment opinions and improving the performance of research. A medical company named Medecision introduced an algorithm which was very helpful in identifying variables and these variables were used to predict an infrequent visit to the hospital for diabetic patients.

9 Network

Network analysis companies can also benefit from machine learning technology. It would be helpful for predicting solutions to network disruptions and suggesting strategies to eliminate them. It would be useful in screening network traffic, providing protection against any unauthorized activity.

9 Security

The security department could also benefit from machine learning experts. It is very helpful in detecting any security flaws as compared to other security detectors. It helps in eliminating false alarms and never miss any security screening. So a person interested to follow a career in security screening could be the best asset along with machine learning experience.

10 Trading

A machine learning engineer could be very helpful in the trade field. Most of the leading trading companies use proprietary systems for predicting a trade for high volumes but it is almost impossible to handle and predict a high volume of data by working manually. Machine learning experts organize and predict large volumes of data with speed and accuracy by using machine learning algorithms.

11 Maintenance Plan

Every manufacturing company has corrective and preventive systems at its place. These practices are costly and most of the time very inefficient. Machine learning experience can be very helpful in this regard. It makes highly efficient predictive plans for maintenance. It also decreases the failure.

12 Customer Support

NLP(natural language processing) is a widely used application across all disciplines. A person having customer support responsibilities can benefit from the machine learning experience. Machine learning algorithm along with natural language support is very helpful in customer care services. It guides them to avail the information they need. It is also used to translate complicated legal documents into simple language and make the works of attorneys easy.

The best training for ML

Machine Learning Certification from a professional institute like Knowledgehut can make you a skilled and efficient worker having excellent knowledge of ML. It offers the latest breakthroughs in the research field and the best strategies for building a useful AI system. It also awards certificates on completion so that you can upgrade your CV and get an ML job.