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Where Can You Purchase Elevator Shoes

Anyone who thinks that men’s shoes should only be functional is wrong. Comfort and style are two of the essential elements in the choice of men’s shoes. For men who dress more formally, more classic shoe choices are available from the selection of elevator shoes and leather elevator boots, ideal for the office and other occasions.

The guidomaggi luxury elevator shoes, made with top quality leathers, 100% Made in Italy, with a striking design and worked strictly by hand by skilled Italian artisans, have the touch of class that turns any outfit, even sportier, in a put refined. Beautiful, comfortable and fashionable elevator shoes can give up to 10 centimeters more thanks to the exclusive invisible internal sole of GuidoMaggi. Their elevator shoes are characterized by a real leather insole and a super light and non-slip rubber sole.

Why Men’s Elevator Shoes

Men also care about their appearance. And increasing the height by a few centimeters helps to give impetus and elegance to the stature. The idea is of the CEO GuidoMaggi, EmanueleBriganti, who after trying the elevator shoes on the market has found the poor quality and limited offer, both in terms of design and finishes, and in the quantity of models available. “So I decided to do it myself, reviving the family business,” says Emanuele.

elevator shoes for men

This is how GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are born, a rich collection of men’s shoes capable of giving up to 10 cm in height in an absolutely invisible way. A secret hidden in refined design, excellent workmanship, maximum attention to detail, painstaking selection of leathers. Every single part is designed and built to accommodate the internal sole without affecting the aesthetics. Their shoes are not a simple pair of elevator shoes. It is a real elevator system that took two years of planning and testing before seeing the light.

Personalize Your Guidomaggi Experience

Expressing one’s personality is an art, a unique and unrepeatable way of living. At GuidoMaggi it is possible to give a personal touch to each shoe in the collections or to create a completely personalized and tailored one! The possibilities are endless. Since GuidoMaggi shoes are handmade and tailored, their craftsmen are at your complete disposal to offer a personalized service aimed at satisfying the needs of each individual customer: from changing the leather to the soles, from design to the size of the shoe, from the embroidery coloring.

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Wearing a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is good not only for appearance but also for the soul. Feeling good about yourself, at ease in any situation, both at work and with women, is the best gift a man can give himself. They are not the only ones who make elevator shoes, however, they have done remarkably well in the industry and continually try to impress their customers. Their elevator shoes are unique. Try them, even in showrooms. They have a Showroom in Tokyo, Milan and Lecce, or simply order your pair of elevator shoes online through their website –