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10 Effective Summer Hair Care Tips You Must Follow

The summer can be cruel to your hair, so check out this article for some effective tips on how to protect your hair during the hot summer days.

Summer is the time for traveling, relaxing, and having fun, but the same cannot be said for your hair. We may not notice, but our hair protects our head and scalp from various harsh weather conditions, especially during the summer. And while doing so it can get severely damaged. So we need to take care of our hair and protect it from severe conditions.

Different weather requires different types of care. For instance, during the winter the most common problem is increased hair loss and dandruff, but during the summer, you will face problems such as greasy or frizzy hair.

But don’t you worry because, in this article, we are going to talk about some effective summer hair care tips to protect your hair and its regular shine.

How Summer Affects Your Hair

The bright sun’s rays and extreme heat can be harmful to your head. The extreme heat causes your scalp to sweat, making it swell up and creating wet, greasy hair. Greasy hair blocks hair follicles and prevents nutrition from reaching the hair. This causes the hair to dry up and even increases hair loss.

Another problem people with long, curly hair face is that they get frizzy and tangled hair. The sweat makes the hair sticky and causes it to get tangled.

Aside from the sweat, the UV rays that come from the sun can break keratin, an element that keeps your hair strong and firm. So when your hair gets exposed to UV rays, it weakens the hair and creates split ends. Therefore, it is very important to keep your hair safe and secure during summer.

Hair Care Tips for Summer

Now, let us look at some effective tips to protect your hair during the summer.

1. Use Moisturizing Shampoos

Moisturizing shampoos are very helpful when fighting hair loss. You will have to wash your hair often to get rid of the sweat. But this constant washing can remove the natural grease from your scalp. 

This can dry up your scalp and cause further problems. To make sure these do not happen, use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent your scalp from drying up. To know more about the best shampoos for your hair, check out

2. Keep Your Scalp Cool

The best way to prevent your scalp from sweating is to keep it cool. To do so, you can use cold hair dryers to blow cool air onto your hair.

3. Trim or Shorten Your Hair

If you keep your hair short, the air will easily be able to flow through your head. This increased airflow will keep your head cool and prevent sweat from building and damaging the hair strain. Short hair also prevents dust and other particles from sticking into your hair. It is best to visit your local salon right before the summer and choose a short hairstyle that suits you.

4. Apply UV Protective Hair Gels

The UV rays from the sun can quickly damage your hair, but using anti UV hair gels or creams can prevent that. These gels can also work as moisturizers and keep your hair from drying up fast.

If you have artificial color, then UV protective hair gels can keep your hair color from fading. Solar rays can break down the color pigments and these gels can create a protective layer so that solar rays do not directly come in contact with the hair, scalp, and follicles.

5. Keep Your Hair Covered

You can use hats and caps to cover your hair if you do not wish to use hair gels. This is also great for those who have a sensitive scalp that reacts to chemical ingredients. Keeping your hair short will allow you to cover all of your hair with the hat.

But for those who have long hair, especially women, they can bun their hair to cover it all. Using wide brim hats is best to cover all of your hair from the sun. But do not wear your hats for a long time; otherwise, your scalp will become hot and sweaty.

6. Avoid Heating Tools

Avoid using tools such as straighteners, curlers, hot blow dryers, etc. They can add up to the already extreme heat of summer and cause significant damage to your hair. 

Try to keep the natural shape of your hair and maintain natural hairstyles.

7. Use Natural Remedies after Swimming

There is no doubt that you will be spending a lot of your time in the swimming pool. But you should know that most pools are filled with chlorine, and prolonged exposure to this chemical can harm your hair.

If you are blond, then your hair might even turn slightly green after swimming in chlorine water for a long time. To prevent this, wash your hair with 1⁄4 cup apple cider vinegar and two cups of water. This will clear any negative effects of chlorine on your hair.

8. Use Natural Oils for Moisturizing

This is another great way to moisturize your hair. Use coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil and gently rinse from the root of your hair to the end. 

The oil will help keep your hair greasy and help maintain the natural shine of your hair. It also helps with healthy hair growth.

9. Use Combs with Wider Teeth

When combing your hair in summer, you need to use combs with wide teeth because narrow-tooth combs can get tangled in frizzy or sweaty hair. If you use too much pressure, your hair will simply rip off but with wide-tooth combs, you can brush your hair gently and keep it in good condition.

10. Avoid Coloring Your Hair in Summer

The harsh heat of summer can ruin the color of your hair. The sweat makes things worse and can speed up the fading process.

Most people color too often to compensate for this fading, which damages the structure of the hair on a molecular level. Therefore, it is best to avoid coloring your hair in summer completely.

Final Thoughts

Hairs are the natural shields that protect our head, especially our scalp. So if you want your head to be healthy and protected from the harmful solar rays, you need to take care of your natural hair. Hopefully, by regularly following the tips we mentioned above, you can protect your hair throughout the summer.