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Things You’ll Love About Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service is a Korean drama series that stars Main Cast -Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun. It tells the story of a terminally ill woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Bo Young) who accidentally summoned Doom (In Guk) when he wished for the destruction of the world out of depression and anger. It’s one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2021. It has an interesting story and a brilliant cast.And if you’re a fan of Kdramas then you’ll surely love this show. Below is a list of the things you’ll surely love about Doom At Your Service.


You’ll surely fall in love with the characters of Doom At Your Service. It helps of course that they were excellently portrayed by the actors. Even though this series is a fantasy, the characters didn’t seem cartoonish. The pace of the development of the characters is also just right. They are not rushed at all. They also felt real. You can relate to them, even with Doom who is not a human being. They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. After several episodes, it would seem like they are your close friends already. The chemistry between the two actors is also magical.

Engaging story

The story is very engaging. You’ll really find yourself getting immersed in the world of the characters. Each episode will have you forming theories as to what will happen next. And you’ll feel like you’re going to die waiting for the next episode. And after the series has ended, you’ll surely beg for more. This is not to say though that the ending is not satisfying. But it’s fun to pick up clues and to guess what will happen next. It’s part of the excitement of watching the series. You need to give credit to the writer and the director for creating such a wonderful story.

It’s very romantic

It’s not really a Kdrama without the romantic element right? And this show is not lacking in romance at all. As mentioned earlier, the chemistry between the two lead characters is amazing. It really feels like they belong to each other. Their transition from being enemies to lovers is also natural and believable. It didn’t feel rushed or forced. When the two talk to each other, you will surely feel the emotion between them. And even when they are not speaking, you can still feel the spark and the bond that holds them together. Even though the show is a fantasy, the characters show genuine human emotions.

It’s life affirming

One of the main underlying themes of the show is life and death. The show was able to have a philosophical discussion without being…philosophical. The theme of life and death was instead presented using the characters. But even though it talks about death. Doom At Your Service is not a morbid show. It doesn’t present death in such a way that it would turn off viewers. And ultimately, the show is actually life-affirming.

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