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Kitchen Design Tips When Renovating

If asked about your favorite part of the house, you will most likely choose your bedroom or the living room. But for a homemaker or anyone who loves to cook and serve, the kitchen would be a top pick.
And being one of the busiest parts of the house, this is probably one to see the most wear and tear. With all the cooking, meal preparations, and washing the dishes that happen one after the other on a daily basis, a renovation is almost always in the offing sooner compared to other parts of the house.
With this, why not incorporate some great ideas to spruce up your kitchen. Here are a few design tips to consider.

Create A More Cozy Atmosphere

Who says the kitchen can’t be cozy? Especially when you have a dining room attached to the kitchen, this would be perfect. But sometimes, you tend to be more preoccupied with some details that you end up missing this critical part of the overall picture.

The kitchen is a crucial part of the house, be it the center of all activities or the domain of family bonding. So when thinking about renovation, coziness is something your family can appreciate more than anything.

A few simple things you can do to achieve this are the following:

  • Declutter the kitchen to look more clean and organized.
  • Upgrade some appliances and fixtures.
  • Hang decorative arts on the wall.
  • Add a few plants for a more relaxing atmosphere.
  • Include ornamental pieces to add up vibrancy to a dull kitchen.
  • Improve ventilation.

Open Up Shelves

Cabinets and doors create a seemingly awkward feel, especially in small kitchens. Open shelving is a creative way of adding personality to your kitchen – free and bold.

If you have some kitchenware that is rather show-worthy, display them through having open shelves. As they say, if you have it, flaunt it!

Create More Workspace

When you love cooking, and you spend a lot of time working in the kitchen, a comfortable workspace will be essential to you. Hence, this should be part of the list of your considerations when planning to improve your kitchen.

You can widen your countertop, or you may consider adding a kitchen island. However, this entails some considerations, particularly if you are not sure if you have ample space – more about kitchen island below.

Adding, Changing, or Removing A Kitchen Island

Having a wrong kitchen island is as bad as not having one at all. For one, having it ill-placed can actually create more inconvenience than help. A kitchen island should create a workspace extension and additional storage space. However, when it doesn’t serve its purpose and becomes a waste of space, you can consider having to re-do everything.

A rule of thumb is not to place the kitchen island too close to the refrigerator, sink, stove, or even to your favorite work spot. It shouldn’t also take up more than 10% of your total kitchen space. If you have a lower than 8’ x 12’ kitchen, having one is out of the question.

Take Everything in ‘Slide’

When you have somewhat limited space in your kitchen, cabinet doors can add to the obstructions. It can also be less appealing.

Discarding cabinet doors in favor of slides can be more practical. Besides being more modern in style, it can also be more convenient due to being able to reach things easily.

Improve Lighting

How many times do you have to sacrifice good visibility for the sake of having an outstanding design? If anything, the kitchen should be the best-lighted area of the house for safety reasons.

You need to see clearly, especially if you’re preparing fish or meat with tiny bones. Since there are sharp utensils involved in meal preparations, you also need to work in a well-lighted space.

You actually do not have to compromise anything to achieve different purposes by using different types of lights. Use bright lights to aptly illuminate the kitchen during general activities involving members of the family like eating. Use task lights when you need to work alone, and use accent lighting to achieve coziness and beauty.

Welcome Guests

What a better way to cap your renovation than by inviting guests over and turning your kitchen into a kitchen showroom of sorts. If you have more floor space, you may temporarily include a breakfast table and a bench where you can entertain friends and colleagues.

This is also a perfect time to consider asking for their opinions about the improvements you’ve made.

Parting Words

Undoubtedly the most important part of the house, the kitchen should be given more emphasis when trying to improve your home. Proof of this is the rising of a property’s value whenever a kitchen renovation has been made.

But more than the added value, the cost-efficiency due to reduced energy consumption, and the aesthetics, the family’s overall comfort, satisfaction, and safety that should be given more emphasis. Surely, they’re more than your money’s worth.