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What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need? Finding the Best Type of Lawyer for Your Case

There are about 1.35 million lawyers in the United States.

If you’re in a situation where you need a lawyer, especially for the first time, it’s easy to assume that any of these lawyers will offer you the help you need. After all, a lawyer is a lawyer. As long as they’re qualified and properly licensed to represent a client in a court
of law, they can represent you too, right?

Well, not quite.

There are various legal disciplines, meaning most lawyers get to specialize. It’s for this reason you need to find the best type of lawyer for your case.

But how do you know who is the right lawyer? In this article, we’re fleshing out the most common legal situations and the type of lawyer you would need.

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You’ve Been Suspected/Arrested for Committing a Felony

A felony is a serious crime. You can get away with a misdemeanor by paying a fine or even with a warning, but a felony can land you behind bars for several years. A lifetime even.

If you kidnap, rape, or murder someone and the court finds you guilty as charged, you’re going away for a very long time – without the possibility of parole.

So, if you’ve been arrested for commiting a felony or if you’re merely a suspect, you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. And not just any lawyer. You need a criminal lawyer with vast experience defending felony suspects like you.

In some cases, it’s not enough to look for just a criminal lawyer. You might need to find a criminal lawyer who specializes in a specific aspect of criminal law. For instance, if you’re facing drug possession charges, you need a drug crime lawyer. In some countries you may need a lawyer who speaks local language. For example, in Canadian francophone province Quebec a French speaking lawyer, like this Avocat Criminel Joliette, is a must

You’re Going Through a Divorce/Separation

When you were getting married, there certainly weren’t any lawyers involved, unless you had prenups to sign. Isn’t it weird that a lawyer is almost always involved when a couple is getting divorced?

Although not all couples who’re calling it quits need a lawyer, chances are high you’re going to need one. Even if your divorce is amicable and everyone just wants to get it done and move on with their lives, it’s still important to hire a divorce attorney. This professional will ensure the terms of your divorce are fair to you, especially if child custody and property division are part of the agreement.

Even a separation agreement needs the input of a lawyer.

You’ve Sustained a Personal Injury

There are different ways you can sustain a personal injury.

You could be involved in a road crash. You could slip and fall in a mall or elsewhere. A neighbor’s dog, or even your own, can bite you. A doctor can cause you unintentional harm when operating on you…

While a personal injury can be competently unintended, especially when another person is at fault, the law allows you to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

If another driver rams into you and renders you disabled and unable to fend for yourself, for instance, they should compensate you accordingly.

However, personal injury cases can be hard to prove and win. This is why you need a competent personal injury lawyer on your side.

Even when an injury occurred as a result of your own fault, it’s still necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer when you have personal injury coverage. Your insurance company needs to compensate you adequately. Your lawyer will ensure this happens.

There are also complex injury cases, especially those that occur when you’re abroad. In this case, what you do next will depend on your location. For instance, Justin Kimball from the Preszler Law Firm says that if you’re a Canadian citizen who’s been injured while abroad, your first step should be contacting the Canadian Consulate of that country.

You’re Entering into a Business Contract

Like most contracts, a business contract can have grey and complex areas. You need a lawyer who specializes in business law to guide you when you’re looking to enter into such a contract.

A common situation is when you’re starting a partnership business. You need a partnership agreement that spells out the legal responsibilities and liabilities of each partner.

You Want to Plan Your Estate

Are you one of the over 50 percent of Americans who don’t have a will?

We get it. Writing a will isn’t a friendly task. It reminds you of human mortality; that one day you’ll die and leave everything behind.

Well, the fact is you’ll pass on. We all will.

The question is: what happens to what you will leave behind? Think of your house, money in the bank, company shares…

You need a will to state who gets what and flesh out other wishes, such as who can make medical decisions for you in case you
incapacitated. If you’re ready to write this document, be sure to hire an estate planning or will and testament attorney.

There are different types of estate plans, each suitable in certain situations. An estate lawyer will help you identify the right plan for you and your next of kin.

If you pass on without a will, it will be up to the probate court in your state to determine how your estate will be distributed.

You’re Being Sued (for Whatever Reason)

Anyone can sue for whatever reason, as long as they have legal justification. Maybe you trespassed on another person’s property and had no idea about it, suddenly you’re being sued for trespass. Or you posted something about someone online, now you’re being sued for defamation.

Whatever the reason, when you’re being sued you need to lawyer up. Most individual lawsuits are civil matters, meaning you need a civil litigation lawyer.

Find the Best Type of Lawyer for Your Case

Most people often think you need to be facing criminal charges to hire a lawyer. While these charges definitely call for a lawyer, there are many other instances where the services of a lawyer will come in handy. Whatever situation you’re in, it’s important to hire the best type of lawyer.

All the best and keep reading our blog for more tips and advice.