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Benefits to Buying Stamps Online Over Offline

There are many reasons for which we may wish to purchase stamps, we may be a collector looking for particular rare stamps to finish aspects of our collection, we may be looking to start a collection, we may simply be a domestic customer looking to post a letter or parcel here and there or we may have a particular occasion in mind for which we would like special stamps. Whatever the reason, we have a choice, either we can go to the High street to purchase our stamps or we can go online to do that.

In days of old, we purchased everything at our local shops, sometimes we had to travel, we had no choice. Postal outlets tended to be fairly local but specialist stamp shops were much more rare and it would be a case of seeking them out and travelling there.

We now have a choice and stamps, for any purpose, can be purchased online you may check There are advantages to making the purchase online, some of which are listed below.


You no longer have to walk to your local shop or worse still, you no longer have to get into your car or take public transport to visit your local outlet for stamps. It is time-consuming to have to do that and with our busy lives, it is time that we could well do without spending. Depending on where you live compared with the outlet, it could take quite a bit of time to get there and back. Going online means that you can purchase your stamps with a few clicks of the mouse and from the comfort of your own home or office.

Time Saving

If you are looking to purchase postage, it is often the case that the postal outlet will be busy with like minded people and depending on the time of day and who is posting what, you can be held up for quite a time. Businesses commonly want to post at the end of the business day, so you will more than likely be met with queues if you choose to go then. Postal outlets offer other services too, so you are not just queuing with those looking to post. If you are a business looking to make regular deliveries, the daily visit to the postal outlet could become problematic. You will have to release a member of staff to visit the outlet and stand in the queue and depending on the size of mailbag, you may have to be prepared to release more than one staff member. It makes little sense to do that for productivity reasons, it makes more sense for the member of staff to remain in the office carrying out important business tasks.

Even worse if you are a collector, your journey may be across the city to the nearest stamp shop and further afield still if you have specific requirements.


Going online to purchase your stamps gives you much more of a choice and for the collector that is ideal. Being online opens up collections from all over the world and opens up possibilities to be able to join groups and forums of like minded people who may be looking to share information, you may be able to obtain some useful hints and tips. It makes choice a real possibility. Online auctions are open to attend and you are able to view the catalogue and bid on the stamps of your choice after carefully considering information. If you are considering adding to your collection, there is always the choice of limited edition stamps that become available from time to time, you are able to keep up to speed with their release dates too. Postage options are there too, if you are about to enjoy a special occasion such as a wedding or other large family gathering, you may want to consider designing your own postage stamps. Being online makes this really easy to do, you can select your favourite picture or event and work with that to achieve the design that suits best and then have it produced as a stamp. It works well for businesses too who may want to personalise their stamps with their company logo allowing them to send professional letter and parcels to their clients.

Ease of Purchase

Stamps can be purchased very easily online and that goes for postage too. Purchasing postage could not be easier. You do need to securely wrap and weigh your parcel, after which you would then enter the details of your shipment and include the address of the recipient. There is a choice of delivery styles according to when you need the parcel to be with your recipient. If your parcel has value, you are able to select insurance options too. Stamps can be printed without the need for any specialist equipment, all you need is a regular printer. If you want, you are able to purchase multiple stamps all at the one time to save you the job of having to enter the same details time and time again.


There are savings to be made online and when you consider that there are no staff members having to attend to you in the postal outlet, that would make sense. Collectors can save too as choice always provokes competition and it may be that the stamp or stamps that they require is / are available from more than one dealer. Online auctions too can offer the possibility of a money saving purchase.

Time to Think

Buying online, especially for collectors allows more thinking time than would be available in a shop. For some, they feel under pressure to buy when they are in a shop, discussing on a one to one with the proprietor whereas online, you are much more anonymous and can go back and forward over a period of days even, assuming that your stamp doesn’t sell to anyone else, before finally deciding whether to buy.