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6 Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Your house ages as you age. From time to time, you need a makeover to feel young and fresh; your home needs it, too.

Refurnishing your home doesn’t need extravagant expenses to make it look brand new and luxurious. Here are great design ideas to make your home look expensive with gothic arch without breaking the bank:


Before you deal with your walls and floors, look up and check your ceilings. Over the years, ceilings can show signs of house aging. To cover up the flaws, redesign your ceilings.

Here are some great and cheap ceiling designs:

  • Repaint: Light colors expand space, whereas dark colors compress space.
  • Moldings: Create an architectural design by installing a molded polyurethane medallion.
  • Tiles: Patterned tiles conceal flaws.
  • T-bar suspended grid system: This is a great solution to hide severe flaws.

You can apply a DIY system to save money from labor pay. If you are not sure how to do it properly, there are a lot of helpful tips & tricks to replace ceiling tiles and grid that you can find online.

2.Less Stuff

Less Stuff
You can save a lot when you don’t overcrowd your house with unnecessary decorations. Less stuff means more space, and the simplicity will exude elegance. Here are some tips:

  • Choose your decor pieces wisely. A few well-paired items can easily come off more sophisticated than a hodgepodge of colors and designs.
  • Your dining room will look more elegant with just a table, seat, and a cocktail, rather than having too many items stuffed in one place such as a bar, cart, rug, bench, dining table, and chandelier.
  • Store and organize your belongings by keeping them out of sight. For instance, toys should be on shelves or in storage boxes (or even in a separate room entirely) when not in use.

Minimalism is the trend nowadays. It’s a budget-friendly style but expensive looking. Clutter, mess, and too much stuff will just make your room cheap; clutter-free rooms elevate luxe.


For your kitchen, choose white custom-fitted horizontal blinds to accentuate your countertop and appliances. The white color and the tailored size of the blinds in your kitchen will avoid that messy and busy look.

If you want to add height to your space, create an illusion of a high ceiling, and make your home look expensive, hang your drapery high and close to the ceiling. The edge of the drapes should touch the floor.

If you want to soften and fill your room with light, use sheer curtains. It will make your room cozy and feel expensive.


Color will set your room’s mood and ambiance. Too much color can cheapen the look, whereas one or two accents make it feel expensive.

Repainting your walls is a simple DIY project that can save you a lot of money. Choose colors that complement each other.

Here are some tips when choosing the right color for every room:

  • A mixture of gray and beige is more appealing than an overall white.
  • Light blue to soft gray-blue is a neat and clean color great for kitchens.
  • Pale taupe, light beige, light-grey neutrals are among the most popular shades for living rooms.
  • A shade of blue is best for your bedroom and dining room for its calming effect.
  • Purple hues for your bathroom give it a hotel-like vibe.


Flowers and greenery are ingredients that can add up to your home’s hotel-like vibe. You don’t need to spend much on fresh floral arrangements for every room in your house.

Simple houseplants like orchids are gorgeous and add elegance to a room. A vase filled with a bouquet bought from a grocery store is also an inexpensive way to add life to your living room. However, don’t put one whole bouquet in one vase in a single room. Pick one or two stems for each vase and spread it around your house or you can opt for a bowl filled with acorns or river stones for a put-together and regal look.


If you want to create more space, install mirrors. You can place mirrors in your hallway, living room, and entryway. You don’t have to choose the typical square or rectangle mirrors. Modern mirror designs include round mirrors, mosaic mirrors, and starburst mirrors. Choose a frame that matches your furniture for a cohesive look.

You can also place a mirror opposite a window to reflect greenery or outside view. It can also catch natural light and spread it throughout the room to make it look bright and spacious.


No matter what design you choose to refurnish your home, it is essential that it complements the color scheme of your house and your furniture. Opt for simple yet classy styles. Overdoing it will only waste your time and money and may even result in a cheap-looking and messy home.

Author Bio-

Edward Flanagan is the founder of Edward’s Enterprises, a handyman service & licensed general contractor that has been improving homes and providing facilities maintenance in Southern California since 1996. Their carpentry services include wood deck and patio cover repairs and replacements.Edward currently divides his time between Camarillo and Venice Beach, CA, and loves the 405.

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