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How to Take the Perfect Selfie in 5 Minutes or Less

Can you believe that over half of Americans don’t feel confident in their own skin?

In the age of social media, trying to post pictures of yourself that make you feel good can feel impossible. From awkward poses to weird lighting and more, there are tons of reasons why people aren’t happy with their selfies.

Instead of admitting defeat, there are plenty of selfie tips you can use to improve your results. If you want to know how to take the perfect selfie, read on for our ultimate guide.

Practice Your Smile

The nicest social media selfies are the ones where you can tell that people are genuinely happy. Holding your phone in front of yourself may not feel natural, but you can practice showing off your usual smile.

If your smile looks forced, you can watch a silly video before your photoshoot to lift your spirits.

Pay Attention to Your Pose

Anyone who wants to learn how to take good Instagram photos can’t underestimate the value of a killer pose. Your face is what matters most, but your body language can end up being distracting if you aren’t careful.

Figure out what you’d like to do with your hands, and consider setting the timer on your phone so you can take some full-body pictures as well.

Choose a Flattering Background

One of the most important Instagram photo tips is to set up your shot in an eye-catching location, so you can grab everyone’s attention. If you can’t pose anywhere scenic, then you can’t go wrong with shooting in front of a blank wall for a neutral look.

You can also use an app to remove background if you’ve realized that you look great but your background could use some work.

Experiment With Your Angles

Have you ever noticed that lots of people avoid looking directly into the camera head-on? Holding the camera above you or turning your head to the side can highlight your beautiful features like your cheekbones or nose.

We all have unique face shapes, so spend some time studying how you look at different angles to discover your finest side.

Find the Best Lighting

If your photos are too dark or light, then your followers won’t be able to see you well. Natural lighting will give you a stunning glow, but make sure you avoid shadows.

While taking selfies indoors, try to stand in front of your light source so you’re fully illuminated.

These Are the Top Secrets for a Perfect Selfie

The good news is that figuring out how to take a selfie isn’t rocket science. When you use these tips on snapping the perfect selfie, you’ll be amazed by how incredible the results turn out.

Getting positive feedback on all the selfies you post is sure to boost your confidence. Would you like to know other ways you can get the most out of social media? Have a look at our other blog posts.