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How to Choose The Right Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

Perking up your outdoor space is as important as furnishing the interior of your house. An outdoor furniture can make or break the feel and functionality of your patio or balcony so it must be done right.

There are several factors that must be kept in mind when choosing your outdoor furniture. Of course, durability, comfort and practicality come on top of the list. But design and colour is just as important. 

Having a coordinated style, coupled with long-lasting materials will make your outdoor space stand out! Who knows, it might even become your favorite area of the house!

While there are lots of available options online and in your local stores, sorting through all these can be tricky. So we sat with our friends at SLH Furniture and talked about how to choose great furniture. We came up with our top 5 tips that you must consider when shopping for the best outdoor furniture.

1. Decide A Theme

Whatever is the purpose of your outdoor space, it must not feel empty and boring. And having a cohesive look or an overall theme can enhance the space. A specific theme can also help you pick the furniture that showcase complementing design elements while improving the function of the area.

Your theme can be inspired by a specific colour, or a style motif such as tropical, coastal or minimal. To have the perfect theme, you must determine the key features of your motif and buy only the furniture that mirrors those elements.

For example, if you’ve decided to go minimalist, look for furniture that has clean straight lines that’s made from teak in a natural finish that enhances the wood grain. On the other hand, if you’re going for a posh nautical theme, then a woven rattan and cream and navy textiles will achieve the look.

The theme can also be inspired by the very function of the area. If you plan to perk up a large BBQ space, make sure to buy the furniture that can accommodate your BBQ pit, preparation area and dining.

If relaxing is your thing, a corner sofa with luxurious textiles, a hammock or a lounger will encourage you more to sit back and unwind.

2. Choose The Right Colours

It’s as important as the theme. Because it sets the mood and tone for your outdoor area. Dark and elegant shades like mahogany will set a mature tone for bars and lounges. On the other hand, white and oak will look really cool in sunlit spaces that are meant for family gatherings.

You might also want to consider the color of your cushions and fabric. They will allow you to play on patterns and textures to perfectly bring out your style. Contrasting prints and bold colors add a lot of personality, but keep in mind that it must work with your furniture, too.

Prints and colours that are seasonal must also be considered. Tropical-themed prints can add a summer flair to your space but may not look right during the fall and winter. Using natural woven textures and neutral colors will make the space warm all-year round.

3. Look For High-Quality Materials

Outdoor furniture is the most exposed to elements. These elements will come into play when it comes to the durability of the materials used in your furniture. So it’s only natural to choose the best one.

These materials can be anything from plastic, to wood, metal and polycarbonate. Each type of material has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you plan to use wood, teak is your best choice. It exhibits a beautiful and natural appearance of wood. It’s also robust enough to withstand the elements outside. Make sure to only get your porch rocking chairs and other outdoor furniture from legit manufacturers.

Cushions, pillows and umbrellas should also be made of materials that don’t easily fade when exposed to any climate.

4. Allocate The Right Budget

High-quality furniture will last longer than the cheap ones. But it entails a bigger budget. While you can set up an outdoor relaxing area for just a few dollars, the furniture might easily be damaged due to constant exposure.

If we’re in your shoes, we’d opt for the pricey yet durable furniture. It’s better to spend extra than to replace broken cheap furniture every now and then. Outdoor furniture is an important investment, anyways. Might as well go all in.

5. Find The Right Measurements

Last but definitely not the least. After you’ve decided on what theme to go for, and you already have the budget in hand, don’t forget to measure the outdoor space you’re perking up.

Measure the whole space then consider how many people you want to fit. This step will ultimately help you weed out your options. Because now you know whether you can go for larger tables and wider sofas or you’ll need a more compact furniture.

Keep in mind, too, that you are working with a space where people must be able to move around freely. You’re not only fitting in the furniture but also the people. Try sketching your space on a grid paper and map out the entrances, the exact locations of the furniture, fire pits, etc. With this in mind, you’ll be able to choose the furniture that fits your needs.

Selecting the right furniture perfect for your space and style can be a lot of work. But with these tips, you can do it in a breeze.

If you’re having a hard time searching for the furniture that will perfectly fit your outdoor area, custom-sized furniture is your best choice. Our friends at SLH furniture create tailor-made furniture that will suit your specifications. With this approach, you’ll have more control over your outdoor setting. So don’t hesitate to give them a call!