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White magic, Antarctica

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear the word “cruise”?

Usually, you think of a huge boat on the sea. Well, a cruise is all that and way more. Not everyone knows there’s a cruise that goes around Antarctica.

If you choose Antarctica cruises you can discover a part of the Earth that it’s not so common to see, the South Pole. You will have the opportunity to see all the Antarctica animal species such as penguins on the beach from the upper deck, all while enjoying unique moments. The most exciting experience of your life awaits you.  You can see whales and other sea animal in the cold waters; you can look at the penguin colonies while sailing and discover all the wonders that surround you.

Antarctica is home for lots of unique subspecies, which you will only find

in this part of the world. You will experience sailing alongside the glaciers, where you can spot leopard seals. See the largest animal ever, the blue whale: they say, these are the biggest animal on Earth. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. Be ready to the emperor penguin and other rare bird sightings.

You can choose different places to visit, like:

  1. Deception Island: Deception Island that as the form of a horseshoe. It’s located off the coast of Antarctica in the South Shetland Islands. On the island you can find an active volcano with eight different species of seabirds nesting there. If you love wildness and you want to enjoy a wild vibe, Deception Island is the perfect place. There you have the chance to see thousands of Antarctic animals swaying in and out of the freezing waters. The largest group of penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula, and possibly the world, are there; waiting for you to see their beauty.
  2. Elephant Island: It’s an island positioned off the coast of Antarctica. It’s called Elephant Island cause is super populated by the elephant seals and for the shape of the island resembling an elephant’s head. Regardless of its harsh and yet beautiful landscape, legions of penguins in their feather smoking sway across the rocky terrain as huge elephant seals relax on its shores. Rugged mountains, glistening ice sheets, and unique wildlife add to the appeal of this remote destination.
  3. Ushuaia, Argentina: Here, you can admire the breathtaking beauty of the lakes, lush forests, high mountains, flora, and fauna of Tierra del Fuego from the train, form the highway in your car or on horseback while riding in the forests. Enjoy wide views from Garibaldi Pass and see sea lions and albatrosses along the Beagle Channel.
  4. Stanley, Falkland Island: Discover this colorful city, its cathedral, typical English pubs, well- groomed gardens, war memorials and fascinating landscape. If you want to go on an adventure this South Atlantic Island is the perfect place. And you can visit a colony of penguins, or you can spot albatrosses and skua, or go to a huge sheep farm.

The far south of the globe is always fascinated and attracted explorers from all over the world.

Antarctica is, in the true meaning of the word, a no man’s land, of surreal beauty and unexpected serenity.

Of course, an Antarctic cruise is not an easy holiday. But the thrill of putting your foot on the White Continent will exceed any “suffering problem” you can find or have in this wonderful journey.