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Caring for Your Elderly Parents

The ravages of time spare no one, and we see it clearly with the elderly. If you have elderly parents, you are probably quite familiar with the many difficulties they face as a consequence of their age. Some people manage to maintain sharp wit and strong body well into their 80’s, but this is more of an exception than a rule.

Most elderly people face some form of mobility issues, illness, mental decline, or other age-related issues that prevent them from living in full comfort and independence. Our parents raised us, and it is only fair to repay the favor by helping them through this period of their lives. If you are settling into this role, you may find the tips below helpful.

1. Set up a daily routine

It is difficult for most elderly folk to cope with their reduced strength and independence, causing stress and outbursts. One of the best ways to make them calm and comfortable is to provide stability in the form of a daily routine. You can help them plan out their regimen, including such things as meals, taking medication, getting some exercise, and relaxation. The stability of a new routine should bring them ease of mind and allow them to be optimistic again.

2. Consider hiring a carer

While you may feel that it is your responsibility to care for your parents in all ways, you do not need to carry the burden alone. Hiring a carer will make it much easier for you to carry on about your daily life while supporting your family. A qualified specialist can watch over your loved ones, get them through their daily routine, and perform simple procedures like administering medicine. Even if you choose to care for your parents yourself, a carer can come in handy when you need to travel or be away from home for an extended time.

3. Make some adjustments to the home

Elderly people are quite prone to accidents, including falls, slips, and even stubbed toes. To reduce risk, you can make their home as accident-proof as possible. This means adding more bars to hang on to, cleaning up items on the floor which could cause a stumble, relocating food and essential items from high shelves lower, and adding padding or other protection to sharp and protruding edges.

4. Set up a line of monitoring and communication

When you are away from the house with your parents, you will likely want to keep an eye on them. There are several ways to do this, depending on your parents’ understanding of modern technology. For example, you may check up on them by phone, set up cameras in the major rooms of the house, or add some receivers that you can talk through remotely.

5. Protect your parents from bad financial decisions

It is a sad reality that some people in the world prey upon the elderly and vulnerable for financial gain. It is quite common for scammers to contact old folk by phone or showing up at their door. They usually try to sell some miracle product/service, or convince victims that they are in some sort of legal or financial jeopardy. You can prevent any such manipulations by training your parents or asking them to contact you before they sign any checks or give anything away.