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Sleep in Luxury: Top Picks in Bedding from Arnotts

The perfect bedding combination is hard to finesse, but it can be one of the most important set of choices in your home. You spend the majority of your time, albeit asleep, in that one place, and yet for most people, bedding is an afterthought. But recall, if you can, the feeling you get when you sink into a swanky hotel bed after a long day of traveling, or the relief of peeling back perfectly crisp sheets. It’s absolutely possible to create that luxurious sensation in your own home with bedding from Arnotts.

It all starts with the right bed frame and mattress. For the ultimate in style, the West Elm range is as classically designed as it comes. The Mid-Century bed is the perfect base for any sleep situation, with traditional lines and a hint of trend that will keep it fresh and fashionable. For an upholstered option, the John Lewis Croft Collection Skye bed frame is simple and elegant with beautiful turned wood legs. You can even work in storage within the bed frame, like this tufted burgundy divan option, that can eliminate the clutter in your bedroom and make for an even more restful space.

Choosing a mattress can be intimidating, but Arnotts’ helpful mattress buying guide breaks down every element and helps you pick the best mattress for your needs. Whether you’re a side, stomach or back sleeper can have an impact on which type of mattress will encourage the best night’s sleep.

Of course, layering textiles is where the more tactile luxury comes into play. Every home should have a set of high quality white sheets, making your bed feel like the perfect respite. The Linen Consultancy’s Egyptian sateen range has double the thread count of most basic sets, truly hitting the luxury mark and increasing the risk that you won’t be too quick to hop out of bed most mornings.

Add cheerful colour into the mix with a high-comfort linen and cotton blend sheet, which is increasing in popularity. The Foxford range includes an indigo shade that’s cool and soothing but adds instant personality to your bedroom. But of course, the real show of personality comes with layering on the rest of the textiles, from duvet covers to pillows to throws. Bedeck 1950’s Kanza duvet cover adds texture and warmth for that luxurious feel, the West Elm Tencel artist’s palette duvet cover is calming yet colourful with a brush stroke pattern, and the Christy Regency duvet cover is slightly feminine.

Adding cushions and throw blankets gives the bed an inviting look, and it’s hard to use too many. Mix in different patterns and textures, and add pops of colour that will bring your bedroom to life. The Appletree Sula cushion lets you hop on the pom pom cushion trend in a simple teal, and the Harlequin People cushion adds a little whimsy to the space.

Whether you’re making over your whole bedroom or replacing a few pieces here and there, making your bedroom more inviting and luxurious is just a few clicks away.