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How to Maximize Storage Space with Bathroom Furniture Sets

Between all the lotions and potions, cleaning supplies, makeup, hair tools, medications, and other essentials, bathrooms tend to fill up fast. Installing a coordinated bathroom furniture sets optimize every inch of available space to keep your bathroom tidy and clutter-free. Follow these tips for choosing and incorporating storage furniture that maximizes your existing layout.

Include Cabinetry for Flexible Storage

Freestanding cabinets provide enclosed storage to corral all those unsightly necessities. Opt for a tall bath cabinet to utilize vertical real estate and a narrow linen cabinet for tucked away spaces. Shallow cabinets store more with pull-out drawers. Append storage cabinets onto vanities to expand capacities. Mixing open shelves, enclosed cabinets, baskets, and drawers creates versatile storage options.

Use Furniture That Aligns with Room Size 

Avoid bulky vanities and furnishings if your bathroom is snug. Consider the top quality bathroom sinks at VidaXL and slender console sinks or pedestal sinks with space-saving proportions. For small square footage, lightweight woven baskets and multi-tiered shelving units conserve space. Measure carefully to ensure new furniture dimensions work for your room layout.

Select Multipurpose Furniture

Furnishings like benches and stools pull double-duty, providing storage within their seat. Choose a bench with lift-up seat storage for spare towels or wicker baskets under the seat. Slim rolling carts underneath hold supplies. Multipurpose furniture saves space and money.

Rethink Wasted Space Above and Below

Look for ways to utilize the often-neglected zones above and below eye-level. Install shelving above toilets or extra rods and racks in shower recesses. Floor-level accent tables or caddies on casters roll under sinks, vanities, and counters. For wall space, wall-mounted cabinets go up rather than out.

Accent with Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored cabinetry, shelving, and furniture accents visually expand smaller bathrooms. The reflections create an illusion of more space. Meanwhile, the mirrored surfaces conceal everything stored neatly inside. Having mirrored elements on multiple walls gives even more sense of extra room.

Organize with Complementary Baskets

Woven baskets in natural rattan, metal, or cloth coordinate with other furnishings while corralling odds and ends. Use baskets to subdivide inside cabinets and drawers or stash items on shelves and under sinks. Different sized baskets let you neatly organize anything.

Take Advantage of Plumbing Nooks 

The areas surrounding pipes, under pipes, and between pipes tend to get overlooked. These plumbing nooks offer prime real estate for slide-in shelves, mesh caddies, and other inventive storage solutions. Custom build cabinetry and shelving to fit around pipes.

Maximize Wall Space 

Most bathroom walls simply get decorated with art. Make them functional with floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets and rod sets for hanging towels. Install shelving above the toilet area or next to vanities to use the full height of the walls. Just don’t overload – only keep necessities within easy reach.

Creative Storage for Odd Spaces

Get creative with utilizing unique bathroom layouts. Use the area behind a door for towel hooks or over-the-door storage. Tuck a narrow shelf into the inevitable gap between the vanity and wall. Even the corners of walls and ceilings can fit angled shelving.

Keep Materials Clean and Dry

Bathroom heat and moisture necessitates storage furniture made from materials that withstand damp conditions without warping – hard plastics, metal, wood composites, etc. Make sure cabinets and baskets have ventilation holes for airflow. Glass or metal surfaces also wipe dry easily after steamy showers.

Get Inspired and Get Organized

A strategically chosen bathroom furniture set opens up a world of expanded storage possibilities in any layout. Use these tips to spark ideas for designing your ideal organized sanctuary. With handy furniture sets, you can relax knowing everything has – and stays in – its place.